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Careers and Opportunities

Panning your Future

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What are your options?

Choosing a career

The world of work

Open days


Useful software resources




Useful Sources of Information


Careerpilot has lots of information about your choices at 14, 16 and 18, plus routes to different qualifications and job sectors, and career tools to help you decide. See or download their app.

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Careersnearhere is a new careers noticeboard where you can find local open days, events, talks, volunteering and work experience opportunities, as well as exploring key local industry sectors, including hi-tech, creative, renewables and social enterprise. See 


Guides to University, Apprenticeships and School Leaver Schemes

The following downloadable guides are useful:

Which? University Parent Guide to University 2018 

Which? University Higher & Degree Apprenticeship Guidefor those who want to explore more vocational ways of getting highly qualified. 

Alternatives to University - the Guide to School Leaver Programmes & Apprenticeships for Students, Parents and Teachers


Have a look at some inspirational stories from Success at School who have interviewed pilots, nurses, game developers, designers, even dog groomers and everyone in between. They tell us what it’s really like to do their job – the ups and downs. See their 60 second Interviews and find out more on their Career Zones pages:


Not just doctors, nurses and midwives...

If you're interested in working in healthcare, there is a huge range of careers in the National Health Service. See for some ideas that might interest you.



More of a creative soul? This is the website to inspire your future: - explore the job roles.



You've heard the future is digital but what does that mean in terms of your perfect job?

Here are 2 quizzes that might help you find out...


Prefer doing something useful, practical and team-based?  Your future might lie in Engineering - there are so many possibilities with so much potential to rise to the top...


If making money is your goal, consider working in the Finance sector: accountancy, banking, insurance, investments....find out more here. You don't have to enter as a graduate, there are numerous apprenticeship opportunities, including at higher and degree level. 


Buildings are everywhere - maybe not quite as exciting looking as this, but we need people to design and build them!  Whether you're interested in architecture, planning or getting new buildings off the ground, there's a wide range of careers in the construction sector: Here's a quiz to help you decide what might suit you best: