Year 8

Year 8 Course outline: Most students will be working at levels 5 and 6 and looking to achieve a level 6 at the end of the year.

TERM 1 – Number 1 (negative numbers, HCF and LCM, powers and roots, prime factors, sequences). Geometry 1 (angles in parallel lines, triangles and quads, properties of quadrilaterals and geometric proof). Statistics 1 (probability, mutually exclusive events, experimental probability).

TERM 2 - Number 2 (fractions, decimals and percentages, four rules of fractions, percentage increase and decrease). Algebra 1 (simplifying, using brackets, index notation). Geometry 2 (area of triangle, parallelogram, trapezium, volume of prisms, imperial measures).

TERM 3 – Algebra 2 (linear functions and their graphs, equations and graphs of straight lines).Number 3 (powers of ten, estimation, adding subtracting multiplying and dividing decimals). Geometry 3 (congruent shapes, transformations of shapes, shapes and ratio).

TERM 4 – Algebra 3 (equations with negative numbers, substituting into expressions and formulae, creating expressions and formulae). Statistics 2 (stem and leaf charts, pie charts, scatter graphs). Number 4 (fractions, order of operations, multiplying and dividing decimals).

TERM 5 – Algebra 4 (simplifying algebraic expressions, solving equations). Functional Maths (reading and interpreting and using data to solve real life problems).

TERM 6 – Geometry 4 (plans and elevations and scale drawing, circumference and area of circles, constructing triangles, bearings). Statistics 3 (frequency tables and diagrams, using averages to compare data, experimental and theoretical probability).

Homework is set weekly for all students. Every other week homework will take the form of an online exercise which is marked immediately and monitored by teachers. The type of written homework set is varied, and could take the form of an investigation, creation of a powerpoint, creation of bank of questions, though more often homework will be designed to ensure that students have the opportunity to practise and consolidate the concepts developed in class. Homework is marked and graded, and students will be given feedback on what they need to do to improve and make further progress in the subject.