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Cotham School

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Parent Governor Vacancies

Would you like to be more involved in your child’s education? If you would, why not consider becoming a school Governor

Cotham School currently has three vacancies on the Governing Body for Parent Governors and, in accordance with the Articles of Association, elections will be held this term.

Since conversion to Academy status, Governors are now:

  • Directors of the company for the purposes of company law
  • Trustees of the Academy Trust for the purposes of charity law.

What do Academy Governors do?

The Governing Body meets at least three times (currently there are four scheduled meetings) in each

Academy year to:

  • Manage the business of the Academy, exercising the powers of the Academy Trust as set out in the Articles of Association in pursuance of the object of the Academy Trust.
  • Ensure that high standards of corporate governance are maintained.
  • Take a largely strategic leadership role in the running of the school, through strategic direction in accordance with the Terms of Reference (available on the school website):

Strategic direction:

  • Policy development and strategic planning, including target-setting;
  • Agreeing policies for sound management and administration of the Academy;
  • Allocation of the Academy’s financial, human and other resources;
  • Setting performance targets;
  • Agreeing the Academy Development Plan;
  • Producing a scheme of delegation for the management of the Academy.

Ensuring accountability:

  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements;
  • Ensuring sound management of the Academy’s finances and resources;
  • Setting the Academy’s standards of conduct and values;
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the performance of the Academy;
  • Establishing and maintaining a transparent system of prudent and effective internal controls;
  • Accounting to parents/carers and other stakeholders for the performance of the Academy.

High level management:

  • Delegating such powers and functions as they consider are necessary to the Headteacher for the internal organisation, management and control of the Academy;
  • Ensuring training and induction of governors;
  • Monitoring performance and the achievement of objectives, and ensuring that plans for improvement are acted upon.
  • Making senior appointments, in particular the Headteacher, who is responsible for the implementation of all policies approved by the Governing Body and for the direction of teaching and the curriculum;

The school is very diverse and consequently the governing body would particularly welcome nominations from parents who represent this ethnic diversity. The school would also welcome nominations from parents or carers with professional experience in Health & Safety / Child Protection.

The skills and experience sought by the governing body of Cotham School are as follows:

  • Governors from Minority Ethnic Groups or with a special understanding of these groups.
  • Knowledge of Special Educational Needs
  • Knowledge of Child Protection
  • Health and Safety, risk assessment
  • A qualified auditor, managing a people based service industry, managing a charity/not for profit organisation
  • A qualified accountant
  • Experience of fundraising and an interest or willingness to engage with the alumni
  • Experience of working for a charity
  • Experience of income generation

What do you need to do next?

Read the section at the end of the attached letter below which explains the process for appointing parent governors. A nomination form is also enclosed. Completed forms must be returned to the Returning Officer by Friday 23 November .

For further information on what is involved in becoming a Parent Governor of an Academy, please contact Chair of Governors, Jim Bowyer or Jo Butler, Headteacher 

If you decide to put yourself forward as a Parent Governor you will need to find two other parents willing to propose and second your nomination.

Yours sincerely
Jo Butler
Headteacher / Returning Officer