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Gamma Update

Cotham Manners

In our most recent House assembly Gamma had an interactive quiz about the importance of Cotham Manners and the history behind the development of manners. Our over-arching theme this term will be focused on thanking people. We encourage all students to take time to thank others for their kind and thoughtful deeds. This worked extremely well as House Captain Mossy reported she got well over 40 thank yous from students when she held the door open for them when leaving the hall!

Posters will also be going up around school and in every Gamma tutor base to remind students of the value of manners. Look out for them!

A massive well done to the following students who received the most Cotham Manners house points for their year groups-

  • Chen McMorris-Mudada
  • Nevina Shawe
  • Cassie McKenzie
  • Angela Lin
  • Abdijabar Osman
  • Lakia Strong
  • Arun Brooks
  • Eric McFarlane Bond
  • Marianne Cross
  • Sabiya Hussain

House Charity Update

Our work with Above and Beyond is carrying on extremely well this term. We are having a sweet challenge which is launched this week. Tutor groups are racing to fill up their tubes with spare change so if you are looking to get rid of some coppers then please donate to a worthy cause.

The Yarnbombing event for the Bristol Heart institute has been met with over-whelming enthusiasm. So much so that Above and Beyond has extended the deadline to April. Please see the attached pattern for how you can create a knitted heart to be hung in the atrium of the hospital. All those made will be collected by Miss Madge and taken to the hospital.

Click here for the Knitting pattern

Our House event next term will be selling second-hand books for extremely low prices on World Book Day (March 1st). Please have a root around at home for any old or unread books to donate to this sale- all money will go to Above and Beyond. Books are to be donated to Cotham main school library.