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Let Bristol Breathe

Our 5 Point Plan for Clean Air in Bristol

Bristol's Green Councillors are writing to different organisations across Bristol because we all share a common we all share a common interest - we need to breathe clean, healthy air.


We don’t just need air however; we need good quality air so that we are not inhaling toxic levels of pollutants. When air contains toxic levels of pollutants it has a particular impact on children, older people and people with existing heart and lung conditions. There is now evidence that unborn babies are also affected and that their lung development can be impaired.


The air pollution in Bristol regularly exceeds the legal limits set by the EU, putting you and your families at risk.


So we've drawn up a 5 Point Plan to make the air in Bristol safe to breathe.


We need to implement a Clean Air Zone in the most affected area (the Air Quality Management Area, marked in red on the map attached) and take other steps to reduce motor traffic. Other cities are doing this and we don’t want to see Bristol left behind.


We also need more action to promote walking, cycling and clean public transport


We have introduced a motion to Full Council on November 8th calling on the Mayor to adopt our plan.


We are inviting you to support the call for a Clean Air Zone in Bristol. We have produced a briefing note with references to the science and data about air pollution and health as well as the map of the most polluted areas of Bristol (mostly the city centre and along main roads). 


We have also made a short video which explains the issues..


There are 3 main actions which you can take to support the Clean Air Zone:

1.      Sign and promote this residents’ petition to The Mayor #LetBristolBreathe

2.      Share the video link #LetBristolBreathe

3.      Write to your councillors asking them to support the motion on November 8th