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Cotham School

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COVID Information

Important information for parents and carers regarding COVID-19

Parents and carers are reminded not to visit the school site at this time. The exception to this is if they have been called to collect their child from the school due to suspected COVID symptoms. Specific arrangements for a collection location will be made with parents and carers when they are called to collect.

What to do if your child develops Covid 19 symptoms:

If your child develops symptoms whilst at home

  • If your child becomes unwell with either:
  • a new, continuous cough or
  • a high temperature, or
  • has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

Parents should phone the absence line on 0117 919 8019 or email with these details. We need to know the date that your child first started to present symptoms. Parents are advised to follow the COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection.

Any siblings in the same household should also be kept at home and should not come to school.

It is important that parents keep their child at home if they have any of these symptoms. Students should only return to school once they have undergone a test and received a negative test result (see information below on Booking a test).

Where parents feel that the symptom is the result of another health condition (eg a cold, or tonsillitis) this should be confirmed by a GP or health professional. It is important that parents do not make this assessment themselves. This will support us in trying to keep each member of our school community safe.

If your child develops symptoms whilst at school

  • If anyone within school becomes unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature, or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia), they will be sent home and advised to follow the COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection.

  • In the case of a student displaying COVID-19 symptoms, contact will be made with the student’s parents/carers and arrangements for travel/collection agreed.

  • If a student is awaiting collection, they will be moved, if possible, to the first aid treatment room (E-Block) where they can be isolated behind a closed door (with appropriate staff supervision immediately outside the room). If for any reason it is not possible to isolate a suspected case of COVID-19 in the first aid treatment room, the person will be moved to an area which is at least 2 metres away from other people and if possible near to student reception awaiting collection as this is a sheltered outside space.
  • Any siblings in the same household will also be sent home to isolate
  • PPE will be worn by staff caring for a student or member of staff while they await collection if a distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained

Guidance on face coverings at school

At Cotham, students will no longer be required to wear face coverings while undertaking school activities on or off site with the exception of travel by coach to our playing field at Stoke Lodge. Therefore all students in Year 7-11 must still come to school with a clean face covering in their bags each day to ensure that they have one with them when they need it.

Face coverings are no longer recommended for staff in classrooms. In all schools and colleges, the Government continues to recommend that face coverings should be worn by staff and visitors in situations outside of classrooms where social distancing is not possible.

Booking a test

All students displaying suspected COVID-19 symptoms should access testing via the online coronavirus service. If a student has been sent home and parents are unsuccessful in booking a test, they should (after a period of twenty fours hours) contact the school for further advice on how they can obtain a test for their child.

Please see the Covid letter from Bristol City Council - Christina Gray, Director for Communities and Public Health andAlison Hurley, Director for Education and Skills providing an important update

Please follow this link to the letter.

Parent information on COVID-19 prevention and what to do if you or your child develops symptoms

To keep your child and other children safe it is important that children attending the school site do not come to school if they:

  • Have any symptoms of COVID – new cough, temperature or loss of taste or smell (until 10 days after symptoms have started).

  • Live with someone who has COVID symptoms (until 10 days self-isolation has been completed).

  • Have been told to self-isolate by National Test and Trace (until the date they say self-isolation ends and they can return).

It’s really important that we are made aware of any students who have tested positive for COVID-19 immediately on receipt of their test result.  

Parents and carers can:

  • Telephone the attendance absence line on 0117 919 8019

  • Email the attendance absence email at 

  • Complete the absence form for Year 7 - 11 here and Post 16 here

We also need to know if your child is isolating because either they or someone in the household or support bubble has symptoms or has recently tested positive.  It’s important that we understand who has symptoms, the date on which the symptoms began, and if they’ve accessed a test for Covid-19, when the date of the test was.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing at home

Click hereto read the DfE blog explaining the importance of testing and reporting your test result

It is vital that staff and students continue to test twice weekly at home in order to identify asymptomatic cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and prevent the spread of the virus.  

If your child has any symptoms of coronavirus then a LFT home test is not the correct test to confirm if they have the virus or not. The home test kits are only for routine, regular testing to test those who are asymptomatic (have no symptoms).  

Parents and carers should NOT use the LFT home test kit if their child has a COVID-19 symptom.  In the event that your child has symptoms, parents and carers should complete a PCR test.  The link to obtain a test is here.

What do I do if my child tests positive for COVID 19 through a LFT home test kit?

As the LFT home test has not been administered through an official testing centre the result must be confirmed by taking a PCR test. The link to obtain a PCR test is here

Your child must remain at home in self isolation until the outcome of the PCR test is known. We must be made aware of the positive result of the LFT home test immediately on receipt of the test result including if this is a weekend.

Parents and carers can:

  • Telephone the attendance absence line on 0117 919 8019

  • Email the attendance absence email 

  • Complete the absence form on our website. Year 7 - 11 here and Post 16 here

Family COVID-19 Testing from home

Test kits can either be collected or ordered online. Parents and other adults in households with children at school or college, who do not have symptoms, can now access regular, rapid coronavirus (COVID-19) testing. This includes childcare and support bubbles.

Tests are fast, easy and completely free. There are different ways for a household, childcare or support bubble to collect their test to take at home, twice-weekly.

If you have any queries about the tests, and you live in England, please call 119 (free from mobiles and landlines). Lines are open every day from 7am to 11pm.

Helpful guidance on isolation periods 

Public Health England have produced the attached which is a helpful summary of how long household members need to isolate for in the event that a household member develops symptoms.

Financial support via the Test and Trace Support Payment scheme

If you are on a low income and you need to take time off work to care for your child while they are self-isolating as a result of COVID-19, you may be eligible for financial support from your local authority through the Test and Trace Support Payment scheme. The Test and Trace Support Payment scheme is open to people who live in England and who meet certain criteria. Please click here for more information.

Isolation Periods and knowing when it’s safe for your child to return to school

When a student tests negative for COVID-19, if they feel well and no longer have symptoms similar to coronavirus (COVID-19), they can stop self-isolating and return to school.

Other members of their household can stop self-isolating.

The student could still be unwell as they may have another virus, such as a cold or flu – in which case it is still best to avoid contact with other people until they are better, however members of their household (student siblings) can stop isolating at this point.

Where a student tests positive, parents must immediately inform the school that their child tested positive, the child must self-isolate at home and the family must follow the COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection. The child must continue to self-isolate for at least 10 days from the onset of their symptoms and then return to school ONLY if they do not have symptoms other than cough or loss of sense of smell/taste. This is because a cough or anosmia can last for several weeks once the infection has gone. The 10-day period starts from the day when they first became ill. If they still have a high temperature (after the 10 days), they should keep self-isolating until their temperature returns to normal.
Other members of their household should continue self-isolating for the full 10 days from the initial onset of symptoms.

What action will the school take if a student has a positive test result

The School will take swift action when they become aware that someone who has attended has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). The School will contact the Department for Education using the designated telephone number.

The DfE team will carry out a rapid risk assessment to confirm who has been in close contact with the person during the period that they were infectious, and ensure they are asked to self-isolate.

The DfE team will work with schools in this situation to guide them through the actions they need to take. Based on the advice from the DfE team, the school will send home those people who have been in close contact with the person who has tested positive, advising them to self-isolate for 10 days since they were last in close contact with that person when they were infectious.

The DfE team will provide definitive advice on who must be sent home.

Warbixin muhiim u ah waalidka oo ku aadan xanuunka COVID

Waalidiinta waa la xasuusinayaa inaysan waqtigaan soo booqan dhismaha iskuulka. Waxeyse imaan karaan haddii loogu yeero inay ilmahooda wataan tasoo ay keentay shaki looga shakiyay calaamadaha cudurka COVID. Si gaar ah ayaa waalidka loogu sheegi doonaa meesha ay ka wadanayaan marka loo soo waco inay ilmahooda wataan.

Maxaad sameyneysaa haddii ilmahaada ka muuqdaan calaamadaha Covid-19:

Haddii ilmahaada lagu argo calaamadaha intuu guriga joogo

  • Haddii inlmahaadu xanuunsado oo uu xanuumku wato:

  • Qufac joogto ah oo cusub ama

  • Qandho (Kulayl) saa’id ah ama

  • Uu dhumiyo ama uu isbedelo dhedhenka iyo urinta (anosmia)

Waalidku waa inay soo wacaan taleefanka iskuulka ee maqnaanshaha 01179198019 iimaylna u soo diraan Waxaan u baahannan inaan ogaanno taariikhda maalintii ugu horreysay oo uu ilmahaada lagu arko calaamadaha cudurka. Waalidiinta waxaa lagula talinayaa inay raacaan habraaca COVID-19 ee loogu talo galay guryaha laga yaabo inuu coronavirus ku dhacay.

  • Walaalaha isla gurigaa ku nool waa inay iyagana guriga lagu hayo oo aysan iskuulka imaanin.

Waa muhiim in waalidiintu ay ilmaha guriga ku hayaan haddii ay qabaan calaamadahaan. Adaydu waa inay iskuulka ku soo noqdaan oo kaliya markii la soo baaro oo ay helaan jawaab lagana waayo cudurka (hoos ka fiiri warbixin ku saabsan sida aad isku diiwan gelin karto baaritaanka cudurka)

Haddii waalidku u maleeyaan in calaamaduhu ay yihiin kuwo ay keeneyn caafimaad xumo kale (sida, hargab ama quun), taas waa in dhakhtarkiinnu (GP) soo xaqiijiyaa ama qof kale oo caafimaadka ka shaqeeya. Waa muhiim in waalidiintu aysan iyagu iska go’aansan. Taasi waxa ay naga caawinaysaa isku daygeenna aan isku deyeyno in aan mid kasta oo ka mid ah dadka iskuulka uu ahaado mid bedqaba.

Haddii ilmahaada lagu arko calaamadaha inta uu iskuulka joogo

  • Haddii qof uu iskuulka dhexdiisa uu ku xanuunsado, xanuunkaas oo ay la socdaan, qufac joogto ah, qandho saa’id ah oo uu waayo ama uu isbedel ku dhaco dhedhenkiisa ama urinta (anosmia), waxaa loo diri doonaa guriga waxaana lagula talin doonaa inay raacaan habraaca COVID-19 ee guryaha laga yaabo inuu Coronavirus ku dhacay.

  • Haddii calamadaha COVID-19 lagu arko arday, waxaa xiriir lala sameyn doonaa waalidiinta/Daryeelayaasha waxaana la isku aadin doonaa safrid ama soo doonid lagu heshiiyay.

  • Haddii arday sugayo in la soo doono, haddii ay suurta gal tahay, waxaa loo kaxeyn doonaa qolka gargaarka degdegga ah ee (Dhismaha E) meeshaasoo lagu gaaryeeli doono meel xiran (iyadoo uu shaqaale gaar ah uu qolka bannaankiisa ka ilaalin doono). Haddii sababtey rabtaba ha ku dhacdee aynan suurtagal aheyn in qof looga shakiyay COVID-19 lagu gaar yeelo qolka gargaarka degdegga ah, qofkaa waxaa lageyn doonaa meel uu ugu yaraan dadka kale u jirto 2 mitir oo hadday suurtagal tahay u dhow xafiiska ardayda (Student reception) meesha lagu sugo taasoo ah meel bannaanka ah oo daboolan

  • Walaalaha kale oo isku guri ka imaadana waxaa loo soo diri guriga si ay isu gaaryeelaan (Isolate)

  • PPE (Dhar gaar ah ) ayuu xiran doonaa shaqaalaha daryeelaya ardayga ama qofka shaqaalaha ka midka ah inta ay sugayaan in la soo doono haddii aanan la ilaalin karin isu jiridda 2da mitir

Habraaca Wejidaboolidda iskuulka dhexdiisa

Iskuulka Cotham, ardayda sidii hore wejiga inay u dabooshaan loogama rabo marka ay howlaha iskuulka ku jiraan oo ay iskuulka joogaan amaba aysan joogin marka laga reebo marka ay baska u saaran yihiin beerta lagu cayaaro ee Stoke Lodge. Sidaas darteed waxaa ku waajib ah ardayda sanadka 7aad illaa 11aad inay iskuulka yimaadaan iyagoo boorsada ku sita weji xirad nadiif ah maalin karta si loo xaqiijiyo inay mid haystaan markay u baahdaan.

Weji dabooliddu ma aha sidii markii hore mid loo soo jeedinayo shaqaalaha inay xirtaan marka ay fasalka ku jiraan. Iskuulaadka iyo kolleejooyinka, dowladdu waxa ay weli u soo jeedinaysaa in shaqaalaha iyo dadka iskuulaadka soo booqda ay dabooshaan wejiga marka ay joogaan fasalka bannaankiisa oo kala fogaashuhu suurtagal ahayn.

Sida loo ballansado baaritaanka

Dhammaan ardayda ay ka muuqdaan calaamadaha COVID-19 waa inay isu diiwaan geliyaan baaritaan iyagoo isticmaalaya qadka coronaviruska. Haddii ardayga guriga loo diro oo ay waalidku awoodi waayaan inay u ballaamiyaan baaritaan (afar iyo labaatan saac ka dib) waa inay iskuulka la so xiriiraan oo ay warsadaan sidii ay ilmahooda baaritaan ugu heli lahaayeen.

Fadlan arag warqadda dowladda hoose ee Bristol – Christina Gray, Madaxa jaaliyadaha iyo caafimaadka bulshada iyo Alison Hurley, Madaxa Waxbarashada iyo xirfadaha oo soo gudbinaya warcusub oo muhiim ah

Fadlan warqadda halkaan kala soco.

Warxixin waalidka loogu talo galay oo ku saabsan sida COVID-19 looga hortago iyo waxa la samaynayo haddii ilmahaadu keeno calaamadaha

Si ilmahaada iyo ilmaha kaleba ay u noqdaan kuwo bedqaba waxaa muhiim ah in ilmaha dhismaha iskuulka imaanaya aysan imaan iskuulka haddii ay:

  • Qabaan calaamadihii COVID – qufac cusub, xumad ama dhedhenka iyo uruntu ka dhumaan (Illaa iyo 10 beri ka bacdi markii ay calaamaduhu billowdeen)

  • La nooshahay qof qaba calaamadaha Covidka (Illaa uu ka dhammaysanayo 10ka maalmood ee uu qofku isgaaryeelaayo)

  • Heyadda baaritaanka iyo dabagalka ku yiraahdeen isgaaryeel ( illaa iyo taariikhda ay yiraahdeen isgaaryeeliddu waa ay dhammaanaysaa oo ay soo noqon karaan).

Aad ayey muhiim u tahay in naloo soo sheego arday kasta oo laga helay COVID-19 isla marka ay jawaabta helaan.

Waalidka iyo daryeelayaashu waxa ay samayn karaan:

  • Inay taleefan u soo diraan taleefanka maqnaanshaha lagu soo sheego oo ah 01179198019

  • Inaad iimayl u dirto iimaylka maqnaanshaha

  • Inaad buuxiso foormka maqnaansha 7aad – 11aad halkaan ka buuxiso. Ardayda Post 16kana halkaan

Waxaa kaloo muhiin ah inaan ognahay in ilmahaadu is gaaryeelaayo sababtoo ah iyaga ama qof gurigooda ama xeendaabkooda caawineed ku jira ayaa calaamadihii laga helay amaba waqti dhow laga helay cudurkii. Waa muhiim inaynu ogaanno gofka calaamadihii laga helay iyo taariikhda calaamaduhu billowdeen, iyo haddii ay iska qaadeen baaritaan iyo taariikhda baaritaanka.

Baaritaanka COVID-19 ee degdegga ah guryahana la isaga qaado

Halkaan riix oo akhri qoraalka DfE ay ku sharraxayso muhiimadda ay leedahay baaritaanka iyo in la soo gudbiyo natiijada baaritaanka.

Waa muhiim in shaqaalaha iyo ardaydu ay sii wadaan in isbuucii labo mar guriga isku baaraan si loo ogaado dadka aanan calaamadaha coronaviruska (COVID-19) lagu arkin balse qaba oo faaiya si looga hortago faafinta caabuga.

Haddii ilmahaadu leeyahay calaamadaha coronavirus, baaritaanka guriga lagu sameeyo ee LFT ma aha baaritaan sax ah si loo xaqiijiyo inay qabaan cururka iyo in kale. Qalabka baaritaanka gurigu waa mid si joogto ah loo isticmaalo si loo ogaado dadka iyagu curuka qaba balse aanan lagu arkin calaamadaha cudurka. (Asymptomatic)

Waalidka iyo daryeelayaashu waa inaysan isticmaalin qalabka baaritaanka guriga LFT haddii ilmahoodu qabo calaamadaha caabuqa Covid-19. Haddii ilmahaadu qabo calaamadaha, waalidka iyo daryeelayaashu waa inay sameeyaan baaritaanka PCR. Halkan baad ka heli kartaan baaritaanka.

Maxaan samaynayaa haddii ilmahayga looga helo Covid-19 isagoo isticmaalaya baaritaanka LFT?

Maadaama uusan baaritaanka LFT aysan samaynin xarun loo aqoonsan yahay inay samayso baaritaanka, natiijada waa in lagu xaqiijiyo samaynta baaritaanka PCR. Halkan baad ka heli kartaan baaritaanka PCR.

Ilmahaadu waa inuu guriga ka bixin inta laga helaayo jawaabta baaritaanka PCR. Waxaa waajib ah inaynu ogaanno natiijada cudurka lagu helay ee baaritaanka guriga ee LFT isla marka jawaabtaa la helo xattaa haddii ay tahay maalmaha fasaxa isbuuca (weekend).

Waalidka iyo daryeelayaashu waxa ay samayn karaan:

  • Inay taleefan u soo diraan taleefanka maqnaanshaha lagu soo sheego oo ah 01179198019

  • Inaad iimayl u dirto iimaylka maqnaanshaha

  • Inaad buuxuso foormka maqnaansha 7aad – 11add halkaan ka buuxiso. Ardayda Post 16kana halkaan

Baaritaanka COVID-19 reerku guriga ku samaynayo

Qalabka baaritaanka waa la soo qaadan karaa amaba qadka ayaa lagu dalban karaa. Waalidiinta iyo dadka waaweyn ee ku nool guri ay ilmo iskuul ama kolleej aado ay joogaan, oo aanan wax calaamadihii cudurka qabin, hadda waxa ay samayn karaan baaritaanka coronavirus degdeg ah. Waxaana ku jira oo ka mid ah dadka ilmaha haya amaba dadka reerka caawiya.

Baaritaanku waa degdeg, fudud oo gebi ahaanba lacag la’aan ah. Waxaa jira qaabab kala duwan oo reerka, kuwa ilmaha u haya ama taageera reerka ay u soo qaadan karaan baaritaankooda oo ay gurigooda u gaysan karaan, laba mar isbuucii.

Haddii aad qabto wax su’aal ah oo ku saabsan baaritaanka oo aad degan tahay Ingiriiska, fadlan wac 119 ( waa lacag la’aan haddii aad ka wacdo taleefanka gacanta iyo kan gurigaba). Taleefannaduna waa kuwo lala hadli karo maalin kasta 7da subaxnimo illaa iyo 11ka galabnimo.


Habraac faa’iido leh oo ku aadan xilliyada la is gaaryeelaayo

Heyadda Caafimaadka Bulshada ee Ingiriiska waxa ay soo saartay qoraalka halkaan ku dhegan oo ah qoraal kooban oo faa’iido leh oo sheegaya inta uu qofka reerka ka mid ah uu u baahan yahay inuu is gaaryeelaayo haddii qof guriga ka tirsan calaamadihii lagu arko.

Taggeero maaliyadeed oo ka imaanaysa dhinaca Test and Trace Support

Qorsho lacag bixineed

Haddii aad tahay qof ay hooseeyaan waxa soo gala oo aad u baahan tahay inaad waqti shaqada ka maqnaato si aad u xannaanayso ilmahaada inta ay isu gaaryeelayaan xanuunka COVID-19 oo ku dhacay darteed, waxaa laga yaabaa inaad xaq u leedahay caawinaad dhaqaale oo ka imaanaysa dowladda hoose lana soo marsiinaayo qosho lacag bixineedka Test and Trace Support Payment Scheme. Qorsho lacag bixineedka Test and Trace Support Payment Scheme waxa uu u furan yahay dadka ku nool Ingiriiska oo weliba buuxiya shuruudo gaar ah. Fadlan riix halkaan si aad u hesho war bixin dheeri ah.

Ballansamaysashada baaritaanka

Dhammaan ardayda ay ka muuqato calaamadaha looga shakiyo cudurka COVID-19 waa in la soo baaraa iyagoo isticmaalaya qadkaan (Online Coronavirus Service). Haddii arday guriga loo diro oo waalidkii uu awoodi waayo inuu ballan lagu baarayo sameysto, (afar iyo labaatan saac ka dib) waa inay iskuulka dib 3 ula soo xiriiraan si ay uga helaan talooyin dheeri ah oo ku aadan sidii ay ilmahooda ay baaritaan ugu heli lahaayeen.

Waqtiga la is gaaryeelaayo iyo inaad taqaanno marka uu ilmahaadu si badqaba ugu soo noqon karo iskuulka

Marka ilmaha inta la baaro lagu waayo cudurka COVID-19, haddii ay fiicnaan dareemayaan oo aysan qabin calaamadihii u ekaa covidviruska, wey joojin karaan inay is gaaryeelaan oo waa ku soo noqon karaan iskuulka.

Dadka kale ee gurigooda ka tirsanna wey joojin karaan inay kaligood-isgaaryeelaan.

Ardaygu weli waxa uu noqon karaa mid xanuunsan oo waxa uu qabi karaa cudur kale sida hargab ama xummad. Waxaana weli habboon in uu ka taxaddaro la kulmidda dadka kale inta ay ka fiicnaanayaan, balse dadka kale ee gurigaas (ilmaha aradyga walaalka la ah) wey joojin karaan waqtigaan inay is gaaryeelaan.

Hadaba markii ardayga cudurka laga helo, waa in waalidiinku iskuulka u soo sheegaan in ilmahooda laga helay curdurka, ardayguna waa inuu isku gaaryeelaa guriga dhexdiisa waalidkuna waa inay raacaan habraaca COVID-19 ee guryaha laga yaabo inuu Coronavirus ku dhacay. Ilmuhu waa inuu isgaaryeelaa ugu yaraan 10 maalmood laga soo billaabo xilligii uu calaamadaha cudurka isku arkay iskuulkana ku soo noqdaa oo KALIYA haddii aynan qabin calaamado aanan ka aheyn qufac iyo dhedhenka iyo urka oo ka tegay.  Sababtoo ah qufaca iyo dhedhenka iyo urta oo dhuma ama isbedela isbuucyo badan ayey sii jirayaan iyadoo cudurkii laga reestay. 10ka maalmood waxa ay ka billaabanaysaa maalintii ugu horreeyay oo ay xanuunsadeen. Haddii ay weli qabaan qandho heer sare ah (10ka maalmood ka dib), waa inay isi sii gaaryeelaan inta ay qandhadhu ka ba’ayso oo kulaylkoodu ku soo noqonayo midka caadiga ah.
Dadka kale ee gurigaas ka tirsan waa inay sii joogteeyaan isgaaryeelkooda 10 maalmood oo buuxda laga soo billaabo maalintii calaamadaha la arkay.

Muxuu iskuulku sameyn doonaa haddii arday baaritaan cudurka looga helo

Isla marka iskuulku ogaado in qof iskuulka yimid laga helay cudurka (COVID-19) tillaab degdeg ah ayuu qaadayaa. Iskuulku waxa uu la xiriiri doonaa wasaaradda waxbarashada isagoo isticmaalaya taleefan gaar ah oo loogu talo galay.

Dad ka socda wasaaradda waxbarashada (DfE) ayaa sameyn doona qiimeynta qattarta oona xaqiijin doona cidii u dhoweyd qofkaas muddaddii ay faafin kareen cudurka, weydiinna doona in dadkaasi ay dhammaantood is gaaryeelaan.

Dadka ka socda wasaaradda waxbarashada ayaa la shaqeyn doona iskuulka inta xaaladdaas lagu jiro kuna hagi doona go’aamada iyo ficillada inay sameyaan ay tahay. Iyadoo lagu saleynayo talooyinka dadka ka socda wasaaradda waxabarashada, iskuulku waxa uu guryahooda u dirayaa dadka uu xiriir dhow la lahaa qofka laga helay cudurka, waxaana lagula talinayaa inay 10 maalmood is gaaryeelaan laga soo billaabo waqtigii ay xirirka dhow la lahaayeen qofkaas oo isagu ku jiray waqtigii uu cudurka faafin karay.

Dadka ka socda Wasaaradda Waxbarashada ayaa bixin doonta talada kama danbeysta ah ee ku aadan qofka ay tahay in guriga loo diro.