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Cotham School

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Cotham Co-operative Forum

Cotham School became a Co-operative Academy in January 2012. 

When you become a Co-operative member you have a voice about things that matter in the school. Your views are represented by your elected representatives. These are the people who make up the Cotham Co-operative Forum and who vote on your behalf. 

Anyone is welcome to attend a Cotham Co-operative Forum meeting. We ask that you do observe our protocol if you wish to join a meeting. Click here to read the Protocol for Visitors.

Forum Vision Statement

Our Forum is a group of elected people who represent everyone connected to the school. We listen, understand and collect your views and opinions. We then use our powerful influence to make Cotham better for everyone.

Cotham Co-fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding a Co-operative. Click on a question to read the answer.

 What is a Co-operative?

A Co-operative is an organisation owned and run jointly by its members, who share in the benefits. A Co-operative shares ownership and makes decisions democratically; with members working together to meet the common needs of all.

What is a Co-operative Academy? 

The co-operative Academy model was developed in partnership with a group of co-operative Trust schools who wanted to pursue academy status in view of the additional freedoms and funding available, whilst maintaining the essential characteristics of co-operative Trusts:

  • An ethos based on our globally shared co-operative values – which are included in the definitions in the articles for a co-operative Academy together with a specific values clause

  • Direct engagement of key stakeholders and the local community in governance through membership and a members forumAccordion content

Why become a member of Cotham Co-operative? 

Cotham School became a Co-operative Academy in January 2012. Being a Co-operative member gives you a voice at the Cotham Co-operative Forum. Through your representative at the Co-operative Forum you can vote on issues that matter to you. Click the 'Join Now' link on the right to become a member and find out more about the exciting future ahead for Cotham School as a Co-operative Academy.

What are the different kinds of co-operative members? 

There are five different constituency groups: students, staff, parent/carer, community and alumni (past students).

What is a Co-operative Forum? 

The Forum advises the school’s Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team and may be consulted by them on issues to do with School development. The Co-operative Forum, therefore, has a role in deciding the direction of the school. The Headteacher and members of the Governing Body have been invited to attend all Forum meetings so far.

What is a co-operative Forum Representative? 

You are represented at the Co-operative Forum by your elected Co-operative Representatives who all meet together regularly at the Co-operative Forum to discuss key issues related to the school, its students, staff, parent/carers and local community. The Forum currently consists of the following elected members:

  • 12 Parent/Carer representatives
  • 12 Staff representatives (7 teaching/5 non-teaching)
  • 10 Student representatives (1 boy/1girl from each year group)
  • 4 Community Representatives