As an Academy, Cotham School Governors are responsible the strategic direction of the school. They are responsible ensuring that the school is run in accordance with the Co-operative Articles of Association and the Funding Agreement with the Department for Education.

Governors take a major part in the selection of senior staff, including the Headteacher, and in setting the school's budget, monitoring it and ensuring probity. There are six meetings of the  Governing Body in each school year and a meeting of each of the Governors' standing Committees: Learning and Well-Being, Personnel & Training,  Finance, Property & General Purposes and a joint Post 16 Committee with Redland Green School.

Governors are also active outside the framework of formal meetings and take part in working parties alongside staff to study various aspects of the school's provision and report back to the Governing Body.

Since conversion to Academy status, Cotham's Governing Body has provision for eighteen members. Seven are elected by parents; one appointed by the Local Authority; two are elected by the teaching staff and one by support staff; there are seven Community Governors, appointed in accordance with the Articles of Association. The Head is a full member of the Governing Body.  Governors hold office for a period of four years.

Being a governor at Cotham is both rewarding and fulfilling, Cotham Governors are always pleased to receive comments and observations from parents. In order to facilitate this, any of the governors can be contacted via the school.

We welcome enquiries about joining the governing body and are constantly looking for new governors to diversify our membership in terms of age, skills, life experience and ethnicity. We are also keen to maintain our representation of parents of students attending the North Bristol Post 16 Centre.

If you are interested in becoming a governor or would like to find out more, please contact the school via

To contact the governors please email

Articles of Association 

Funding Agreement

Academies Financial Handbook

Independent School Standards Regulation

Full Governing Body Terms of Reference

Register of Business Interests 2014-15

  Approved minutes of the most recent Full Governing Body Meeting are displayed on the
Governor Notice Board in School Reception, together with agreed actions from the most recent FGB meeting.

Approved Full Governing Body Minutes


Approved Minutes - 10th December 2014
Approved Minutes - 5th December 2014
Approved Minutes - October 2014
Approved Minutes - Sept 2014


Approved Minutes - July 2014
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Approved Minutes - April 2014
Approved Minutes - Feb 2014 Meeting 4
AGM Minutes - Dec 2013
Approved Minutes - Oct 2013 Meeting 2
Approved Minutes - Sept 2013 Meeting 1


FGB AGM - Feb 2013
Approved Minutes - July 2013 Meeting 6
Approved Minutes - Apr 2013 Meeting 5
Approved Minutes - Feb 2013 Meeting 4
Approved Minutes - Dec 2012 Meeting 3
Approved Minutes - Oct 2012 Meeting 2
Approved Minutes - Sept 2012 Meeting 1 


Approved Minutes - July 2012 Meeting 6
Approved Minutes - May 2012 Meeting 5
Approved Minutes - March 2012 Meeting 4
Approved Minutes - January 2012 Meeting 3
Summary of Actions - November 2011 Meeting 2
Approved Minutes - November 2011 Meeting 2
Summary of Actions - September 2011 Meeting 1
Approved Minutes - September 2011 Meeting 1


Term 1 - October 2010 Report to FGB - December 2010
Term 2 - December 2010
Term 3 - EGM - January 2011 - Extraordinary General Meeting
Term 3 - February 2011
Term 4 - April 2011
Term 5 - May 2011
Term 6  - July 2011 


Term 1 - October 2009
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