Student Support Services

My name is Miss Price and as Inclusion Coordinator, I want to let you know about the various support services we have available at Cotham for students. If you have any questions about any of the services come and see me on Monday lunchtimes in the SEN Area (B010)

The Student Drop In

As Cotham School students, you have on-site access to youth advice workers who can offer you impartial, confidential advice and support on issues ranging from careers to bullying to drugs to sexual health. Simply turn up at the drop in (see the times below) and speak to one of team.


When and Where

How to Use the Service


Barbara McConochie

Tuesday Lunchtimes

“The House”

Drop-in, book an appointment or contact directly

Bristol Drugs Project

Jayne Archer

Tuesday Lunchtimes

“The House”

Drop-in, book an appointment or contact directly


Suzanne Fletcher and Lucy Underwood

Tuesday Lunchtimes

“The House”

Drop-in, book an appointment or contact directly


Sue Anderson

Wednesdays and Thursdays

“The House”

Drop-in or book an appointment

School Nurse

Sheena Thatcher

Wednesday Lunchtimes

Drop-in or book an appointment


It is important for you to know that these services are confidential but if we felt you were at risk of being unsafe then we would need to perhaps tell another adult. If you are unsure what this means then feel free to ask one of the support team to explain. The information below tells you more about what each service can help you with and gives you their contact details.


Connexions offer every young person, whatever your circumstances, access to advice, guidance, information and support to ensure a smooth journey into adulthood, citizenship and working life. Our Connexions Personal Adviser at Cotham School is Barbara McConochie is based over at the Information, Support and Advice Centre (“The House”) and she can be contacted on:

·     Tel: 0117 9873700

·     Mob: 07814267213

·     Email:

For  Further information about the Connexions service please click on the link below:


Bristol Drugs Project

Jayne Archer offers young people free, confidential, one to one support and advice about any problems or concerns relating to Drug and Alcohol use.  You can also talk to Jayne if they are concerned about a family member using drugs or alcohol. 

Jayne can also be contacted directly on:

For further information about the services that Bristol Dugs project offer, please follow the links below:


Brook provides a confidential Sexual Health Service to both young women and men at Cotham School. The project is now running in 21 schools and other educational organisations around Bristol. Students will be able to get support and advice around sexual health, relationships, sexuality, puberty, contraception, pregnancy and STIs. The drop-in is for everyone and a young person does not need to be sexually active to use the service. The drop-in is also part of 4ypbristol that offers sexual health support to young people and parents/carers. For more information please visit

Suzanne Fletcher is our specialist Brook nurse and when in Cotham School she is based in the Information, Support and Advice Centre (“The House”) and her contact details are as follows:

  • Tel: 0117 9450728

  • Mob: 07920268343

Lucy Underwood is the Brook Youth Worker who will be working alongside Suzanne and her contact details are as follows:

  • Mob: 07967801931 (Mon – Wed)

Should you want more details about the service that Brook offers young people please follow the links below:

Counselling Services

Cotham School provide a free, confidential counselling service for young people. Our school counsellor is Sue Anderson and she is available for appointments each Wednesday and Thursday.

Young people can attend the drop in service on Wednesday lunchtimes which takes place in the Information, Support and Advice Centre (“The House”) to speak to Sue directly or to arrange an appointment. The other ways you can book an appointment with Sue is by speaking to your tutor, to your Learning Coordinator, to Miss Price or by completing an online referral when this is up and running.

There are a number of useful websites for you to look at about counselling, emotional well being and a whole range of issues that may affect young people. Please see below for the links:

School Nurse Services

Sheena Thatcher is our school nurse and she can provide advice and support to young people and parents about any concerns you may have. Any issues can be discussed in a confidential environment including health issues and emotional wellbeing.

Other Ways of getting Support

Students can access these support services by simply turning up at one of the Drop in sessions. However there are other ways you can book appointments:

  • Online Referrals :

An online referral system will soon be available whereby you will be able to choose which service you would like to speak to and put in your name and contact number or email address. The member of the support staff will then get in contact to let you know about an appointment time. It is very important to note that it may take a few days for an appointment to come through so if your concerns are urgent then you should speak to a teacher, your tutor or your Learning Coordinator.

  • Speaking to a member of staff:

Another way you can book an appointment is to ask your tutor or your teachers who will pass your name and details of who you would like to speak with to Miss Price. Alternatively you can come and see me (Miss Price) in the SEN area (B010) on a Monday lunchtime to book an appointment.

Keeping You Safe

It is important to note that if, at any time when you need some support, a member of staff or a professional from one of the Youth advice agencies feel that you or your friends are at any way at risk of harm, we would have to follow what is known as safeguarding procedures. This would usually mean that we would have to speak to the Child protection officer who is Mr Heayberd and possibly contact your parents or carers but this is always discussed with you first.

If you feel you have an urgent problem, perhaps you feel that you or friend may be unsafe, then speak to a member of staff immediately. There are also a number of confidential helplines you can call. Click below for more details: