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Cotham School

Pupil Premium Fund

Pupil Premium Commitment

Cotham School is committed to the following for all students entitled to additional support through the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG)

Core Entitlements

  • To be provided with additional teaching or tuition in Maths and English where they are significantly underachieving
  • To have financial support to attend day trips and other events linked to the school curriculum and as they progress through school
  • To be provided with opportunities to take on additional responsibilities within the school, e.g.. Buddies, House Prefects, Student Co-operative Forum, Sports Leaders etc.
  • To be provided with opportunities to attend external events aimed at raising aspiration.  These might include visits to organisations, companies and further and higher education institutions
  • To be provided with one-to-one careers guidance from Year 9 onwards
  • To  attend  careers related in-school and external events from Year 8 onwards
  • To have access to the Behaviour Managers therapeutic support, Learning Mentor support and the Student and Family Support staff
  • To attend key school events celebrating success and achievements, e.g. Awards Evenings  and Leavers Proms etc.

Additional entitlement where need arises

  • To have access to a free breakfast in the dining hall each morning
  • To have access to a mobile device and broadband connection facilitated by the school
  • To be considered for any other specific equipment, e.g. an electronic bilingual dictionary that will aid learning in the home
  • To have financial support made available for other essential school equipment, including Art and DT equipment
  • To provide financial support to attend at least one residential trip linked to the curriculum during their time at the school

In addition for children in care and/or adopted from local authority care

  • The school will consider requests from carers or students for additional support up to maximum of £600 of PPG. Requests for additional funding need to be supported by an explanation of how expenditure will raise attainment.  NB. The school will hold funds and all expenditure will need to be supported with a purchase order raised by the Business and Finance Manager.


Financial Support Request Form