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Cotham School

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Weekly Mailing - Friday 14 February 2020

Dear Parents and Carers
Please find below this week’s important information for Parents/Carers and students as well as updates on School events, activities and opportunities for your reference. I wish you a very relaxing half term break.
Ms Jo Butler


INSET Day Reminders

A reminder that Monday 24 February and Wednesday 18 March 2020 are INSET days. The School will be closed to students for staff training on these dates.

Notification of early school closure for students on 4 June 2020

The school will close early to students at 1.05 pm on Thursday 4 June 2020.  This early closure is to allow for essential staff training.  
Any exams on that day will continue as normal.
Students eligible for a Free School Meal will be able to collect it from the hut under the canopy or the dining hall at morning break.
As previously notified, there will be one further early school closure on Friday 17 July 2020 when students will be dismissed at 12.00 p.m.

Free School Meal Entitlement - changes to accessibility

From the week commencing Monday 24 February, students entitled to free school meals will be able to use their entitlement of £2.35 per day from breaktime onwards.
However, the entitlement cannot be used to purchase single items like pizza, pancakes or drinks. The entitlement is provided to purchase a hot or cold meal and this can include a choice of baguette, sandwich or wrap as part of the daily meal deal which includes a drink, or a hot sub roll; or any of the hot meal choices from the daily menu which combine a main meal and a pudding or a main meal and a drink.
At breaktime students will be able to use the hut or the K Block dining hall where these items are available to purchase. 
At lunchtime these items are available from all three food outlets, the main dining hall, the hut and K Block canteen.
Access to water is available throughout the day from the water fountains situated around the school and in addition the water stations in the main dining hall and in K block dining hall.

IMPORTANT: Correct footwear for PE 

Students must ensure that they have the correct PE kit, including a separate pair of sport shoes.  Students are unable to wear their school shoes for PE due to the muddy conditions on our playing fields at this time of year. Muddy shoes are not allowed to be worn on the coaches or around school, which explains the need for a pair of sport shoes that can be used during the lesson and then put in a plastic bag after PE.

School Shoes Clarification

School shoes should be black and made of leather or leather type material. Trainer style shoes are acceptable. However, they must be completely black and have no non-black sports logos on them. They should be made of leather or leather type material (they should not be made of a mixture of fabrics, ie leather and canvas, canvas and nylon). The soles of the trainers should not contain air bubble soles. 

Good News


House Events for Everyone 

Charity Swimathon- open to all students - Sunday 8 March 9.30am - 10.30am Clifton High Swimming Pool. We have three lanes booked. Be sponsored to Swim. Your lengths are counted. It is not a race, you can swim at your own pace. It is great fun, raising money for The Rainbow Centre for Children which is part of Grief encounter. More information can be found here, please email student names to Mrs Arnold- if they are interested in taking part. If you would like to donate for the event please do so via our Just Giving page here
Over the half term, look at nature and take some photos for the Inter House Photography competition - Look at the natural world from different perspectives. What would a tree look like from a bird’s eye view, or a bug’s eye view? Close up or from beneath? Prizes for the top three entries. Entries in by Monday 24 February. Send or give your printed photos to Mrs Arnold.  

Bristol Achieve Intervention Update

We are now half way through the 10 week programme boosting students’ confidence, love of reading and learning approaches. Please see here for an update on the programme. 

Year 9 Envision Team Update

The Year 9 Envision team got off to a flying start with their Awareness raising of chosen charity Key4Life.  Students have painted a poster, made a display for the communal HUB area in school and are wearing green to highlight their support for this Charity. Students have put together door handle flyers, and a powerpoint presentation to be shown in Tutor time to let all students and staff know about the amazing work that this charity does to help young offenders to rehabilitate and stop re-offending.
They will be fundraising for this charity alongside the Business Mentors at JLL on 30 March. Your interest and support is greatly appreciated, please click here to view some photos of their work so far.  

Pay it Forward Campaign - Easyfundraising

Thank you to all those that registered with Easyfundraising, I hope that you found the process easy. We did really well with the big push to get as many people registered before the end of last term. 29 people registered and each and everyone has raised money for the campaign. Lets keep registering to hit the 50 mark and beyond as soon as possible .
What is Easyfundraising?
When you shop with the 4,000 retailers registered with Easyfundraising, each retailer pays the school a small donation to say ‘thank you’.  The donation is sent to the school with no cost or deduction.
This is a simple and free way to help us with our campaign! Please remember anyone can register, friends and family. Help us and register today!
For more information or to sign up please click here

Pay it Forward Campaign- What is it?

Pay it Forward’ is an international movement which promotes the undertaking of random (or not so random) acts of kindness. Using the ethos of ‘Pay it Forward’, the Governors and I felt that this was exactly the sort of campaign that we wanted to launch.
Thank you so much to our parents, carers, students, staff and supporters who to date have supported the 'Pay it Forward Campaign' launched in July.  We have got off to a really good start and have received generous donations of pre-loved uniform and equipment, books, GCSE and A Level Revision Guides, pledges from volunteers who want to help with maths, music lessons, science and grant applications; and monetary gifts of £10,800.00. 
It's really easy to donate,  to make a single donation, all you need to do is click here.  For those that would like to make a regular donation, please set up a payment with your bank. Our details are: Lloyds Bank plc Sort code: 309483 Account number: 41658468.

Keep us posted

It would be great if parents/carers could let the school know of any student achievements outside of school. It is sometimes only at parents’ evenings that we find out what students are doing in their own time. Email us:


Student Wellbeing


Reducing your Teen’s Stress on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is this week, and believe it or not, with the holiday comes stress for your teen. Hyped as the most romantic day of the year, teens are susceptible to the ideas that our culture promotes. Teens love to be ‘in love’ and they also like to find out who sent what valentine to whom.
While it should be fun and cute, unfortunately, peer pressure and cattiness can turn this holiday into a popularity contest. Teens who are single feel especially unwanted on this day. Teens who are dating feel stressed about how to show their affection – with a card, a gift, a date, an activity? They have expectations for how their significant other will express their adoration, which can lead to heavy disappointment if they don’t come through. Even best girlfriends are unsure if they should give each other something on this day.
These issues are incredibly important to your teenager as are peer relationships. They are vital to your teen’s overall sense of well-being, and your teen may need your help to develop their social skills, a critical skill they will need to successfully navigate adulthood. 
Here is some Valentine’s advice for parents:
For single teens…
Valentine’s Day only heightens the emphasis on love, couple, and romance, which can leave a single person feeling unloved. Don’t let your teen wallow in misery! Give them some ideas for how to refocus Valentine’s Day into a positive thing:
Make Some Money. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to babysit! There are so many parents that want to go out to dinner that your teen could easily find someone who needs a babysitter.
Cheer Up Others. Encourage your teen to share a little love with others who may be feeling sad on this day. Make and decorate Valentine’s Day cookies to give out. Serve food to the homeless. Volunteer in some way to make the world a little bit better.
Give Everyone Valentines. Valentine’s Day is not just about romance – it’s about showing love to the important people in your life. Suggest your teen give a Valentine to their siblings, grandparents or friends – or even a classmate who wouldn’t be likely to receive one. Everyone feels valued when they receive a card!
Host a Single People Get Together. Your teen is not the only single one at school. Offer to host a get together for all of your teen’s single friends. Your teen could put together a movie night, a dance party, or a chocolate taste test to find the favourite brand and filling.
For dating teens…
In the Valentine’s hype, most teens will have forgotten that the purpose of the day is to celebrate the person who makes them feel special. Instead, your teen will most likely be running through these questions: What should I get them? What will they get me? Is this romantic enough? Do we have enough money to go somewhere fancy? If we don’t have enough money, what can we do for free? 
Remind your teen that the point of the day is to express love and appreciation for the other person, so a thoughtful effort goes a long way. Offer your teen these ideas:
One way to have a stress free day is for your teen to talk to their significant other beforehand. If the couple can share ideas about what they may want to do or set a price limit on gifts, it can take the pressure off.
There are lots of opportunities to make a gift, which is both inexpensive and heartfelt. Suggest your teen make their boyfriend/girlfriend a card, a mix of music on a CD or playlist, any baked goods, or a photo album.
Some of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to prepare a gift that is also an experience! For example, your teen could purchase concert, movie, or event tickets. Your teen could prepare a homemade, candlelit dinner to share at your home. Your teen could create a scavenger hunt that has small trinkets with thoughtful messages at each spot.
Final thoughts…
Of course, before you even get to Valentine’s Day, it’s important that you have already thought through the idea of your teen dating. Parents of a teen who wants to date, should consider these questions:
When should a teen date? 
Have you talked to your teen about dating? 
Have you established dating rules? 
Make sure that you keep the doors to communication open during this new change. You will need to respect their privacy – you don’t need to know every detail of their date – but they may want or need to share some information. Stay involved and attentive to what is going on. By setting rules with your teen about dating, you will help your child learn to make good choices and to build healthy relationships.
Stem4 (Supporting Positive Mental Health in Teenagers)
Stem4 have just released the Combined Minds app, to help family and friends support young people struggling with their mental health. More information can be found here
Climb Alongside Mental Health (C/A/M)
Do you think climbing would benefit your young person's mental health? Speak to your GP or a mental health professional (e.g. counsellor, school nurse) and ask them to fill out a referral form so you can attend a free session at a local climbing wall, courtesy of C/A/M. (You may need an accompanying adult if you're under 18)


Important Information for Parents/Carers

Year 9 and Year 10 Safety Information Evening

Thank you to all who attended the Year 9 and Year 10 Safety information evening. For those who registered their interest in workshops we will be in touch after the half term.
Please note: To report a crime or concern that a crime may be committed anonymously please contact Crime stoppers
If you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with online
Our Designated Safeguarding Lead’s contact details are: Telephone: 0117 919 800 ext. 8005
Mobile: 07879553009, Email:
To view the slides from the evening please click here. 

Year 7 Parents’ Evening - Tuesday 10 March 4.00pm - 6.30pm 

This is an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s subject teachers to review their progress and discuss their learning. 
Booking opens on Monday 17 February at 6am.
Please click here to access the online appointment booking system. If you encounter any difficulties with booking your appointments please contact the admin team by email at or tel: 0117 919 8000.

World Book Day Thursday 5 March 

Thursday 5 March is World Book Day and students are being invited to dress as book characters in exchange for £1 for Book Aid International.

World Book Day Tokens

Students in Y7-11 should receive their tokens during tutor-time in the first week of next term.

Tokens can be exchanged for any of the £1 books here OR gets you £1 off any book or audiobook (must be worth £2.99 or more).

Please take good care of the token as we only have enough for one per student. They are valid between 27 Feb- 29 March 2020

You can use your tokens in any participating bookshop such as WHSmith, Waterstones, Foyles, Blackwells as well as some Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores.
We will also have a limited number of these titles to give away from the library on World Book Day (Thursday 5 March). 

For more info please visit:  
Miss S. Davies, Librarian

School Uniform 

How to purchase school uniform 
School uniform can be purchased at any time from Harris Sports, you can call them on 0127 587 4351 order and pay by phone and they will deliver direct to School. You can also purchase uniform from Famous Branches (School Uniform Suppliers) their shop is located at 186-190 Henleaze Road, BS9 4NE, telephone number 0117 962 0011.

Dates for your Diary
Thursday 27 February 2020 – Harris Sports will be in School (Main Reception) from 2.30 – 4.00pm. 
Friday 28 February 2020 – Cotham Parents Support Group will be in School (Main Reception from 2.30 – 4.00pm selling pre-owned school uniform for just £1.00 per item. We also have Year 11 Navy Sweatshirts for sale at 50p each.
The pre-owned school uniform sales are held on the first Friday of every term from 2.30pm - 4.00pm in Main Reception. All money goes to school funds. Donations of good condition uniform can be handed in to Main/Student Reception at any time. If you are interested in volunteering to help for a few hours with the pre-owned uniform sale please contact Ms Ryan on Main Reception.

Lost Property
Lost Property is on display in Student Reception  (Term Time only, Monday to Friday, 08:15am – 14:45pm) for Students and Parents/Carers to look through and hopefully claim.

Bristol Education Partnership Events 

Inspiring Evenings Lecture Series, Badminton School,  Westbury Road, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol BS9 3BA
Badminton School is hosting evening events as follows:

  • 5 March 2020 - Special ‘Pecha Kucha’ evening

Events take place on a Thursday evening at 5.00pm in the Peace Memorial Hall.
To book tickets please contact:
Astronomy Evening, Wednesday 11 March, 6.00pm - 8.30pm, Redmaids’ High School, Westbury Rd, Bristol BS9 3AW
An evening of moon gazing and astronomical activities for teachers and students.  Please note that any students attending will need to be accompanied by an adult, and that places are limited to 5 students per school (due to the size of the telescope).
Please contact Miss McDonagh to book places.
French Hub for A Level students Wednesday 18 March 2020, 4.15pm-5.30pm, Badminton School, Westbury Rd, BS9 3BA
For students interested in studying French at university and pursuing their interest in languages beyond the classroom, this is an opportunity to meet up with other A Level students from schools in Bristol to enhance their knowledge. There will be a variety of activities such as discussing current affairs, reviewing films, reading short stories, perhaps some poetry. These hub events are not just to tick another box in the UCAS process, but to provide something extra for those who love the subject. Sixth form students are invited to come and spend time with like-minded linguists - with some tea and cake.
For further details please contact Natasha Walton:
Festival of Care, Thursday 19 March 2020, City Hall, College Green, BS1 5TR
This event is being organised to celebrate careers in care across the region. Students are invited to come along and learn about all the career options that are available across the care sector. They will be able to access job vacancies on the day, as well as attend workshops, meet employers from across the region and much more.
2020 Clifton Carnegie Contest - Invitation for entries
Students are invited to choose any book from the 2020 Carnegie shortlist (to be announced on 19 March) and to put together a 5 minute creative presentation (music/drama/dance/art/animation) on why their chosen book deserves to win the 2020 Carnegie Medal. This competition is aimed at students in Year 8 and above. The presentations will be delivered in the Redgrave Theatre, Clifton College, on 22 June. The contest will be judged by Carnegie shortlisted author Anthony McGowan who will also talk about his books. Refreshments will be provided. Please contact Miss McDonagh if your child is interested in taking part.
Easter Family Show - Stella and the Star Shiners, Thursday 9 April 11.00am and 2.00pm 1532 Performing Arts Centre, Bristol Grammar School, Elton Road, BS3 1SJ
1532 is hosting Stella and the Star Shiners during the Easter holidays and is offering a 20% discount for any parents of children at BEP schools.
In a secret place at the top of everything stands the tallest mountain in the world. On the peak of the mountain sits a tiny little village. In the centre of the village leans the tallest ladder in the world. At the bottom of the ladder is Stella. Stella is afraid of heights. With their celebrated brand of puppetry, live music and dazzling storytelling, join Open Attic Company as they make unexpected new friends and reach for the stars at the ‘Greatest Ever Star Shiner Competition… EVER!’. Stella has been ignored for too long and she’s determined to show the other villagers that she can shine a star as well as anyone. All she has to do is climb that ladder…from top to bottom. This is a tale about bravery and overcoming the things that stop us from really looking up. Could this finally be Stella’s time to shine…?
Age Recommendation 4+, under 1's go free. To access the Bristol Education Partnership parents’ discount follow the link below, book the number of tickets required, then log on if you have booked tickets with 1532 before, or set up an account: the next page will have promo code box: type BSPP into this box to gain discount.
To book tickets, follow the link here
Year 12 Higher Ed Evening - 8 June 2020, 18.30pm  Redmaids’ High School, Westbury Rd, Bristol BS9 3AW
An information evening for students in Year 11 and above about higher education options. Students may attend unaccompanied, but names should be advised in advance.
Please book places with Alice England:
IB Diploma Evening, Monday 15 June 2020, 19.00pm Redmaids’ High School, Westbury Rd, Bristol BS9 3AW
An information evening for students in Years 9 and 10 and their parents to find out about the International Baccalaureate. Students may attend unaccompanied, but names to be advised in advance.
Please contact Alice England to book places: 

Word of the week 

Each week at Cotham we promote a Word of the Week. This is to help students expand the range of vocabulary they use. Please find the word for the week after half term by clicking here.

Online Safety Newsletter- February Edition 

Please click here to view this month’s online safety newsletter. 
Please click here to view an online Safety booklet which includes an overview of key parental controls. 

Cyberbullying Guide 

An online organisation called HomeGuides has developed guidance to help children, parents and teachers to understand what cyberbullying is and what can be done about it. Download the guide here. 


Subject Area News

Physical Education (PE)

Fixtures week commencing 24 February 2020
Wednesday 26 February - Boys Football Years 10 and 8 vs Oasis Academy Brightstowe (a)
Thursday 27 February - Boys Football Years 11 and 9 vs Oasis Academy Brightstowe (a)
Dings Girls Rugby
Girls Rugby, Dings Crusaders Rfc, Frenchay, Bristol are looking for new members, they train on Wednesday evening and play matches on Sunday afternoons. More information can be found here
Parental Consent for Sports Fixtures 2019- 2020
Please complete the parental consent form which can be found here and return to school as soon as possible if your child is taking part in school fixtures this year. Once on file we can then select your child for these fixtures and we will confirm by email or text the details nearer the date that these are taking place.
Extra-Curricular Clubs
Please click here for a list of all of the PE/Sports Extra-Curricular activities available to students in Term 3.
Follow @CothamPE on Twitter for all the latest news and updates from the Cotham School PE department


Key Stage 4 News

Year 10 Work Experience Monday 29 June - Friday 3 July 2020

Any student wishing to undertake a WEX placement outside of Bristol must return their completed WEX form by Friday 7 February.
All students who intend to take up a WEX placement within Bristol should now be submitting applications to organisations/ businesses. Placements are competitive and we encourage students to do this sooner rather than later. The final deadline to return forms for in-Bristol placements is Friday 3 April.
All Year 10 students are expected to organise a work experience placement.
Any students who require additional support can drop in to see Ms Dutton, Work Experience Coordinator, on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday lunchtimes.
A copy of the work experience letter can be found here.
A copy of the WEX form can be found here. This form must be completed and returned for a placement to go ahead.

Year 11

Year 11 Mock Exams

 Year 11 have completed their mock exams and have started to receive their mock exam results.  
All students will be given very clear feedback about their areas of strength and weakness in each of their mock exams.  
This will allow them to create a plan so that they can work on any areas of weakness identified by the mock exam.  
We are encouraging all of our students to think carefully about how they will add 10 / 15 / 20 raw marks to their mock exam result.  20 Raw Marks will often be enough to move a student from their current grade to the next grade.  With this in mind we are encouraging all of our students to use the attached Challenge Plan to structure their revision around the feedback given to them.  
It is important that all of our students are using the February Revision week break to consolidate their learning and address their areas of weakness.  
If you are worried that your child is not revising enough at home then the following may be helpful resources:

  • Support your child in preparing a summer exam preparation schedule so that they complete revision tasks - a template revision schedule can be found here   
  • Ensure that all homework assignments are completed
  • Ensure your child has revision guides that can help to support their learning - a list of these is enclosed and attached here along with details of useful revision websites for each subject
  • Read and discuss the Examination Command Words document attached here with your child
  • See the Top Tips for Parents sheet attached here which contains useful reminders about ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’
  • The Year 11 January mock exams can be accessed here.  There is value in students re-completing these and demonstrating that they can recall knowledge previously assessed, and act on feedback already given to them to improve their original raw mark.  Our school challenge is for all students to increase their recent mock exam result by 10 or 15 or 20 marks over the February Revision week break.      
  • Use the Subject ‘to do’ sheets which highlight the type of acts that students should be completing as part of their revision.  

Academic Monitoring Reports will be sent home in the week commencing 24 February.  However all students will know their mock exam grade now so please do ask them about their grades and marks and plans for revision. 

Thank you to those parents that attended the Parent Post Mock Information Session this week.  The presentation contains lots of useful links to many of the resources designed to support Year 11 students with their revision.  

GCSE Provisional Examination Timetable Summer 2020

Please find the provisional summer exam timetable here. Please note that all students must be available up to Wednesday 24 June 2020 to complete any GCSE exam that may need to be cancelled as a result of national emergency or disaster.

Year 11 Prom Date 

The group of parents who are kindly arranging the Year 11 Prom have set a date.  It will be held on Thursday 25 June 2020.  Further details to follow.


Post 16 News

This term at North Bristol Post 16- please click here to view the newsletter for Term 3



  • Half term is next week and students return on Tuesday 25 February following a staff inset day on Monday 24 February.
  • Summer exam timetables are now available from Charnwood reception for Year 12 and 13 students.  Please encourage students to check through these and talk to their tutors if there are any issues with them.
  • This week the assembly focused on ‘time to talk’. We learnt about being supportive of people with mental health difficulties by being aware of any stigmas and discrimination around mental health. The message was to ‘ask twice’ if someone is ok and if not just listen and encourage them to seek support. More information can be found here

Year 12
Work Experience 
Year 12 work experience will take place this year between 29 June - 1 July and is compulsory for all Year 12 students. Please encourage students to start seeking placements as soon as possible. If any student in Year 12 has already completed a work experience placement or is planning to do so prior to the 29 June please let Ms Beaver know so she can see if this can be counted as compulsory work experience.  
This week Year 12 BTEC Business students have been completing work experience placements in a vast range of placements. Well done to all these students for representing the NBP 16 Centre so positively.  Thank you to all employers who were able to provide these valuable placements.
UCAS Conference
There are a limited number of places available for the UCAS conference on the 9 March.  This is a fantastic opportunity for students to explore a wide range of academic and career opportunities with hundreds of universities and colleges.  Students will be able to seek practical advice on applications and talk to current students to find out what it is like to study a certain subject. Any student who would like to attend should let Ms Beaver know by Friday 28 February.  
Year 13 
Year 13 Exam timetable 
A reminder that the Year 13 exam timetable is available here. Please also be aware that the 24 of June is an exam contingency day so this needs to be kept free.
UCAS Applications
Congratulations to all the Year 13 students who have completed their UCAS applications. Please contact Marie Beaver if anyone requires help in managing their offers or still wishes to apply for university.
Student Wellbeing
We take your child's wellbeing very seriously - we have many avenues of support available. Further information can be found via this link

Creative Youth Network
Creative Youth Network also offers a lot of support and one to one therapy - please ask your child to see Mrs Beaver for more information a link to their website can be found here.

Off the Record (OTR) 
OTR are offering weekly Resilience Lab drop in sessions on Perry Road there is no waiting list and all students are very welcome. More information can be found here

A reminder that Ms Paice is available every Wednesday in G402 at Charnwood to meet students and all Year 12 students should have signed up to SpringPod which is a work experience platform.
Here is the link to our Careers Bulletin which is updated weekly. 


Staff Vacancies

Cotham School are currently recruiting new members of staff to work with us at the school. We are currently looking to hire an Assistant Headteacher, a Faculty Leader- Modern Foreign Languages, a Teacher of Maths and Form Tutor and a Learning Support Assistant.
For more information about school roles please click here


Student Careers Update 

City of Bristol College Apprenticeship Bulletin and South West Apprenticeship Company have apprenticeship vacancies here and here
Other apprenticeships can be found through the Gov website hereTarget CareersSuccess at School , Get My First Job and Not Going to Uni
Saturday jobs
Students looking for Saturday jobs can find good advice through this website 
Please keep your eyes on the Careers section of the website for updates.


Community News

HappyMaps Website- Providing resources for Parents and Carers around Children's mental health

HappyMaps is a website providing a one stop shop of resources around children's mental health from babies to young adults and includes websites, videos, books, Apps and links to ways to find counselling and other support. The website was funded by NHS England with input from specialist services (CAMHS) and local charities and is supported by Bristol Mind. Please click here to view the website. 

Useful quick links

Key Dates
Please click here to view the Key Dates by year group for the 2019-20 academic year. You will be notified of any significant changes/additions, but please can we ask that you check the dates for your year group regularly as they are subject to change.
Parents’ Evening Booking System (PES)
Please click here to access the online appointment booking system for Parents Evenings/Family Consultation Day. Please note this is only available if an event is due. We will email you to let you know when booking opens. If you encounter any difficulties with booking your appointments please contact the admin team by email to or tel: 0117 919 8000
Assessment Calendars for KS3
We have created Assessment Calendars for 2019/20. Each Assessment Calendar contains details of the class assessments that will take place in their subjects. The final column contains a link which gives information about each of the assessments.
To see the Year 7 Assessment Calendar click here
To see the Year 8 Assessment Calendar click here
To see the Year 9 Assessment Calendar click here
To see the Year 10 Assessment Calendar click here
To see the Year 11 Assessment Calendar click here 
Parents Information Sessions
KS3 Parent Information Session 3 October 2019 - click here
Year 10 Parent Information Session 7 November 2019 - click here
Year 11 Parent Information Session 14 November 2019 - click here
Homework and Independent Learning timetables
Please see the attached link describing our Homework Guidelines for students in the school.
In KS3 we do not have homework timetables.
Homework and Independent Learning Timetable for Year 10
Homework and Independent Learning Timetable for Year 11 
Click here to access GCSEpod which contains lots of revision resources for most GCSEs. Students self register through the website using their name and school details.
Diagnostic Questions
Click here to access. This site contains self marking quizzes with lots of templates including some from a range of exam boards. It’s easy to make your own questions in Microsoft PowerPoint too. Students sign up with their school Google account using the G+ button to automatically create a school account
Edmodo is an application that can be used on both mobile devices and in the web environment to create an online community of practice. Edmodo is a free social learning platform that allows students to access the course content uploaded by their teachers.
All students and teachers now have free access to Seneca - a revision and homework platform making studying more fun. Seneca is an interactive way to learn official course content. Their web app covers 150+ exam board specific courses condensing what students need to know for their exams. The software is able to identify gaps in learning. For instance, when you get a question wrong, the platform will repeat the topic in different formats and their smart algorithm has proven to make students remember topics 2x faster. Seneca is totally free for students, teachers and parents. You can sign up via
WisePay is the Online Payment Service at Cotham School which allows you to pay for trips and visits as well as to add credit to your child’s Cashless Catering account. Click here to access your account now. If you have any queries about your account please contact the support team by email to
School Uniform
Please click here to view the compulsory uniform requirements of Cotham School, along with visual examples of uniform and details of our uniform suppliers.
Contact Details 
Please note the following contact numbers and email addresses if you need to contact the school:
Main Reception - 0117 919 8000/ 
Student Reception - 0117 919 8013 / 
Absence - 0117 919 8019/ 
NBP16C - 0117 919 8100/ 
Finance - 0117 919 8016/ 
Exams - 0117 919 8024/ 
Admin Office - 01179198053/