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Cotham School

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Staff Listing

Please see our staff listing below.

To contact a member of staff please contact reception by email to who will be able to forward your email on for you. 



Mrs Mariam Ahmed Teacher of Science
Mr Bouzid Ait-kaci Teacher of Languages
Ms Claire Amor SMSC Coordinator
Miss Aurelie Andouard HLTA Literacy and EAL
Mrs Louise Arnold Learning Coordinator (Year 8)
Ms Helen Ashcroft Teacher of Drama
Mr Abdihakin Asir Somali Family Support Worker
Ms Ali Avery Inclusion Manager 
Miss Marley Backler Inclusion Support Assistant 
Mrs Katy Bainbridge Examinations Assistant
Ms Kim Baker Teacher of Social Sciences
Mr Jack Barber Teacher of Science
Mr Simon Barnes Performing Arts Technician
Miss Lauren Bathers Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs Nicola Baynton Teacher of PE
Mrs Marie Beaver Post 16 Student Services Leader
Mrs Annmarie Bellamy Art and Display Technician
Mrs Leah Bentham Teacher of English
Miss Anna Beynon Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs Anna Bingham Deputy Faculty Leader, MFL
Ms Rachel Bird Teacher of English
Ms Victoria Blackler Cover Supervisor (Humanities)
Miss Holly Bond Learning Support Assistant
Mr Kane Book Teacher of PE
Miss Emily Boys Acting FL Science
Ms Catherine Brant Examinations Officer
Miss Sinead Brennan Deputy SENDCO
Miss Caroline Brice Deputy Faculty Leader Humanities
Mrs Josephine Brock Faculty Leader, STEAM
Mr Brendan Brophy Learning Support Assistant 
Mr Gary Buchanun Religious Studies Teacher
Ms Catherine Bunka HLTA Literacy
Miss Natalie Burt Food Technology Technician
Ms Jo Butler Headteacher
Miss Lucy Cadwallader Inclusion Manager
Mr Ed Carpenter Assistant Business Manager - Facilities and IT Services Lead
Mr Matt Carpenter Site Assistant
Mr George Cawse Deputy Faculty Leader, Science
Miss Corrie Chapman Admin Support Officer
Mrs Julia Chapman Assistant Headteacher & SENDCO
Ms Suella Chapman Faculty Leader, Social Science / Business Studies
Mrs Mary Clarkson HR Manager
Miss Amy Clement Teacher of English (M/L)
Miss Amanda Collard School Counsellor
Mr Jamie Collin Faculty Leader, PE
Mrs Sarah Coney Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Leader/PE Cover
Mrs Kate Constable HLTA Numeracy
Mr Chris Cony Teacher of Mathematics
Miss Olivia Cowell Learning Support Assistant 
Miss Jayne Crocker HR Administrator
Mrs Allison Crossland Business Manager
Mr Russ Davidson Site Assistant
Mr Jamie Davies Academic Mentor
Ms Sarah Davies Library Manager
Mr Kainowa Dempsey Science Teacher
Mr Robert Denby Teacher of Mathematics
Mr Danny Dignan Teacher of English
Mrs Belinda Dobson Data Administrator
Ms Clare Downey Resources Technician
Mr Alex Doyle Physics Teacher 
Miss Severine Duffas Teacher of Languages
Mr Momodu Dumbuya IT Services Technician (Apprentice)
Mr James Dunn Science Technician
Mrs Nicola Dutton Academic Mentor
Mr Phillip Edmonds Faculty Leader MFL
Ms Jasmine Farndon Temporary Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Claire Edwards Cover Supervisor
Mrs Donna Ferris Assistant Faculty Leader PE
Miss Cydney Forbes Art Teacher and Food Technology Teacher 
Miss Caitlin Galliers-De Metz Foreign Language Assistant
Miss Adriana Garrido Learning Support Assistant 
Mr John Gayford Teacher of English
Mr Ross Geoghegan Faculty Leader, Performing Arts (Drama)
Ms Helen George Behaviour Manager
Mr Pablo Gonzalez Teacher of Physics
Ms Claire Grice Teacher of English (M/L)
Ms Kara Grinham Biology Teacher 
Miss Kayleigh Gully Learning and Behaviour Support Assistant (Temp)
Miss Emma Gunnell Science Technician
Mr Stephen Hallett Teacher of PE/Post16 Senior Tutor
Mr James Hammett Teacher of Business Studies
Mr Gary Hardwick Principal First Aider and Welfare Officer
Ms Lorna Harris Finance Assistant
Mrs Anna Heiberg Teacher of Languages
Ms Sarah Hepworth Teacher of English and Film Studies
Mr George Hider Music Teacher
Mrs Kirsten Hilbert Finance Manager
Ms Georgia Hodges Teacher of Geography
Mr Clemens Hofer Foreign Language Assistant
Mrs Esme Hood SEND/Inclusion Administrator
Mrs Stephanie Hopkins Student Receptionist
Miss Hollie Hovell Faculty Leader, Science
Mrs Sophie Howard Deputy Faculty Leader, Maths
Mr Alexis Hunter-Craig Teacher of Science
Mr Edward Johnson Assistant Faculty Leader (Music) Performing Arts
Ms Tracy Johnson HLTA Humanities and Literacy
Mr Edward Keen AFL Steam/IT
Ms Marlene Kelly Learning Mentor / Ethnic Minority Achievement Coordinator
Mrs Carol Kiekuth Data Manager Post 16
Mr Daniel King Faculty Leader Maths
Ms Nicola King Deputy Faculty Leader STEAM, Art
Miss Emily Knight HLTA (Lit and EAL)
Mr Oliver Knight Learning Coordinator
Miss Shelley Lambert Senior Finance Officer
Mr Kieran Lavender Assistant IT Manager
Ms Domini Leong Deputy Headteacher
Miss Alice Lintern HLTA Literacy
Mr Jamie Lloyd Faculty Leader, Humanities
Miss Paola Lopez Learning Support Assistant 
Ms Zizzy Lugg-Williams Lead Cover Supervisor
Miss Sarah Madge Teacher of Humanities / Head of House
Mrs Cerys Madigan Teacher of PE
Mr Paul Major Teacher of History
Mrs Anjum Malik Computer Science/IT Teacher
Mr Ed Marchbank Teacher of Maths
Mrs Heather Marouf Office Manager/PA to Headteacher
Mrs Kathryn Martin Acting AFL Science
Ms Kelly McDonagh Deputy Faculty Leader, Social Sciences/Head of House
Ms Claire Meek Geography/Post-16 Senior Tutor
Ms Mary Moore Deputy SENDCO Manager
Miss Rachael Moore Assistant Faculty Leader of Humanities
Mrs Kirsty Morris High Level Teaching Assistant 
Ms Catherine Moyes Attendance Administrator
Miss Nabulungi Mudada Learning Coordinator
Ms Alina Muszynska Academic Mentor Post 16
Mrs Celia Nicopoulou Library Assistant
Ms Laura Nolan AFL Maths
Miss Chloe Olds Business Admin Apprentice (PE & PA)
Ms Joanna Oxenham Literacy and EAL Coordinator
Ms Suzanne Paice Careers Leader, WRL, IAG
Ms Sally Papworth Teacher of English
Mrs Felicity Perera Cover Supervisor
Ms Nia Phillips Teacher of Dance
Ms Patra Pierce Senior Learning Coordinator
Ms Aimi Potter Assistant Head Post 16 / English
Ms Emma Power Senior Administrative Support Officer
Mrs Alison Quinton Teacher of Food Technology & Social Sciences
Ms Hannah Radford-Hines AFL Social Science/ Teacher of Business Studies
Mr Govinda Rajpal Learning Coordinator
Mr Alex Reed Site Assistant
Mr Christopher Reed Deputy Headteacher
Ms Tracy Reed Attendance Officer
Mr Ben Reid Teacher of Physics
Mrs Helena Richards Teacher of Music
Miss Elvina Rivers Teacher of Mathematics
Miss Emily-May Roberts Temporary Learning Support Assistant
Mr Neil Rutter Teacher of Visual Arts
Miss Chereece Ryan Inclusion Manager 
Ms Fay Ryan Receptionist
Mr David Saddler Teacher of Design Technology
Miss Rhiannon Sandles Teacher of English
Mr Ben Saunders Teacher of PSHE
Ms Emma Sheppard Senior Inclusion Manager
Mrs Anna Shute Careers Assistant
Ms Lesley Siddall Teacher of Psychology and Sociology
Mrs Alexis Sinclair Acting Deputy Faculty Leader, English
Miss Kate Skinner Post-16 Deputy Leader
Mr Thomas Slane Teacher of Science
Mrs Rhona Slattery Data Management Team Leader
Ms Elizabeth Smith Behaviour Support Manager KS3
Mr Mark Smith Assistant Facilities Manager
Miss Sophia Sow Dance & PE Teacher
Mrs Leanne Sowersby Clerk to Governors
Mr Ian Spencer Data Administrator
Mr Mike Starr Design Technology Technician
Ms Kate Sullivan HLTA English
Mr Omotola Sunmola IT Services Technician (Apprentice)
Mrs Clare Swayne Assistant Faculty Leader, MFL
Miss Gabrielle Telford Cover Supervisor/Teacher of English 
Ms Abi Tidball Assistant Headteacher
Miss Rachel Turcan Science Technician
Ms Konstantinia Tzimouli Computing/IT/DT Teacher 
Mr Daniel Udall DFL Maths 
Mr Adam Vaughan Teacher of Humanities
Mr Miguel Vega MFL Teacher 
Mrs Lynn Watts Admin Officer - Post 16 Centre
Mr Terry Watts Assistant Headteacher
Ms Hannah Webb-Martin Behaviour Support Manager KS4
Miss Sherrain Wellington Learning Coordinator
Mr Elliott Whittaker Cover Supervisor
Mrs Holly Williamson Assistant Library Coordinator
Mr Alan Wilson Maths Teacher 
Mrs Sarah Wood Faculty Leader, English
Mr Dylan Woodward Maths Teacher
Mr John Worster Teacher of Humanities
Miss Laura Wyles Teacher of English