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This Term at Cotham Post 16

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  • Term One at Cotham Post 16

    Published 23/10/18
    This term we have been thrilled to welcome our new Year 12 students to Cotham School. 205 new students joined us at the start of the year, some from Cotham School and many from schools around the city (and the world!) Students enjoyed a week of induc
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  • Term Six at Cotham Post 16

    Published 17/07/18
    Term six at Cotham P16 has rewarded our year 12 students for their mock exam endeavours with a wide range of enrichment activities. While the trip was technically at the tail end of term five, this term we celebrated the return of our Year 12 Fren
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  • Term Five at Cotham Post 16

    Published 24/05/18
    It has been yet another busy term at Cotham Learning Community. My first mention should go to the year twelve students who conducted themselves impeccably through their mock examinations at the start of May. This can be an incredibly pressured time,
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  • Term Four at Cotham Post 16

    Published 23/03/18
    This term we have seen our students embrace a huge range of cultural enrichment pursuits, kicking off with the first leg of the Spanish exchange to Tres Cantos.  Students enjoyed complete cultural immersion, including an opportunity to explore M
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  • Term Three at Cotham Post 16

    Published 05/02/18
    It has been another busy term at Cotham Learning Community. We have book-ended the term with review of student progress and achievement, with mock exams at the start of term and our Year 13 Parents Evening in the final week. We would like to extend o
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  • Term Two at Cotham Post 16

    Published 07/12/17
    At the end of term two, we have much to celebrate and much to look forward to. Subject leaders have recently conducted a series of visits to lessons and have been unanimously impressed with the focus and industry of our students in both Year 12 and 1
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  • Term One at Cotham Post 16

    Published 10/11/17
    Term one was very busy for staff and students at the Centre. We welcomed back our Year 13 students, as well as inducting our new Year 12 cohort. The induction programme gave new students a chance to navigate the support, resources and facilities at t
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