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Cotham School

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Macbeth - Whole School Show – Tickets now on Sale.

Macbeth is our whole school show this year. In Macbeth, we see how power, love, betrayal and blood play their parts. We look at Macbeth’s life after the war. It shows the audience how the choice to obtain power can change everything and how a single thought from a person can choose your fate. Power is everything in this play. It shows how power cannot only make you go mad but it also makes you fear the loss of your power. In addition, this play conveys how power can drive relationships further and further apart.  Because of the stress and corruption of their minds caused by the constant need for more power. We see how even the closest of people can be found to we swung into opposite directions. Adding to this we see the constant struggle of bravery, whether or not to do something and forgetting about the right and wrong. To draw this out, we have decided to set our production in a world reminiscent of the mid 1980’s and the height of the miners’ strikes. The play will be performed in a thrust stage to enhance the intimate relationship between Macbeth and the audience.

Macbeth will be showing on 22, 23 and 24 February in the Main Hall at 7.30pm. Tickets are available now on Wisepay. (£7/£5 Conc.)