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Cotham School

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Cotham Houses - Summer Fete Friday 13 July

Gamma, Sigma, Delta and Omega will be coming together to run a Summer fete with stalls, competitions, food and prizes for the whole school at lunchtime on the lower West Tarmac area. Stalls include:

  • Cake sale
  • Ice creams
  • Face painting
  • Guess the Weight
  • Hook a duck
  • Crossbar challenge
  • Tin Can Alley game
  • Photo Booth
  • Fishing for prizes
  • Shooting gallery
  • Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Count the candy
  • Cover the coin
  • Lucky socks

Prices will be 20p or 50p depending on the stall or activity, please remember to bring in money! All money raised will be split between the House charities.