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Cotham School

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Sign on our playing fields at Stoke Lodge

Today Councillors made a decision to not grant consent for the third sign on our playing fields at Stoke Lodge. This decision was made against the recommendations of the Bristol City Council Planning Officers who recommended to the committee that the school should be granted consent for the third sign. The application was heard by the committee under the 'The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007'.

The school does not agree with this decision and does not affect the school's plans to fence our playing fields at Stoke Lodge.

However we do take on board the points raised about the wording of the sign which includes very similar wording to that of the Avon signs that stood on the fields for many years prior.

We will consider the points made regarding the wording and will take this into account when we fence the site and replace the signage. We will work very hard to ensure that the new signage reflects the use of our school playing fields including that which is permitted under the terms of our lease.

Jo Butler