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Cotham School

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Cotham School statement on safeguarding of students on their way home from school

Following a large amount of interest from the press regarding how Cotham School has chosen to take measures to safeguard our students in their immediate onward journey home through narrow streets and over pedestrian crossings, we have decided to issue this statement to provide accurate rather than distorted information.

Cotham School is a large school with more than 1500 students and over many years members of staff have assisted our students in their journey home by walking part of the route with them immediately after school as part of their after school duty.  During this time we have received positive feedback from our parents, carers and Cotham residents who have welcomed and supported us in this. 

However, our decision over the last few weeks to advise students that they should not use the shops located on the route between Cotham School and Nine Tree Hill between the times of 2.45pm and 3.15pm, in order to further assist their safe passage home through what is a very compact and urban area has been met with a mixed response. Most of the feedback received has been very supportive of the school’s decision but some has been less so.

Having taken all of the views received into consideration we will still continue to support our students in remaining safe as they leave school via Cotham Road and move forward on their onward journey home.  However, we have decided that we will no longer provide a staff presence in the vicinity of the shops. 

We have listened to the feedback received from both sides of the debate and we will therefore be reaching out to local councillors and Cotham residents so that we can meet together and talk about both the good work of the school and its students and the very good work that the community undertake. The meeting will focus on how we may work together for the benefit of the school and Cotham residents.