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Cotham School

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Digital Literacy Competition

Deadline extended to Friday 7 April 2017. Click here for information.

The Task

“Create an image that demonstrates how young people can face pressure to look a certain way in the selfies  they share online.
Perhaps it could show what goes into creating a ‘perfect’ image, or expose the difference between the images young people choose to share and the ones they delete.
What lengths do people go to, in order to take a ‘perfect’ selfie?”


Entries will be judged by the Digital Leaders group. Your year group will come in
consideration when deciding winners.


Please submit your entries using the form to the right of this page.

Helpful Resources

Please see the below links for helpful advice on

The Prizes

1st Place
£15 Amazon Voucher & House Points

2nd Place
£10 Amazon Voucher & House Points

3rd Place
£5 Amazon Voucher & House Points