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Cotham School

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Last Day of School for Year 11

Year 11 are expected in school from Monday – Wednesday next week from 8.30am - 3.05pm attending all lessons and any exams they have.

On Thursday 25 May students will sit their Maths Paper 1 exam at 8.45. At the end of this exam students will have time to sign T-shirts before heading to the Dance Studio for their leavers’ assembly .After the assembly students will leave school site at approximately 12pm.

There will be no formal lessons for Year 11 after this point.  From the start of Term 6 students are only expected to be in school for exams and any revision lessons they have been invited to.  All students must be in full school uniform with a lanyard  when attending exams and revision lessons.

Please speak to your child about sensible behaviour on their last day and what their plans are from 12pm on Thursday 25 as they have sound be mindful that they will be sitting an English Literature paper at 8.45am on Friday 26 May.