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Cotham School

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Proposed Expansion of School Site

In 2015-16 we were approached by the LA to support with the Secondary School sufficiency issue by expanding our Published Admissions Number (PAN).  In 2016-17 Cotham was given the go-ahead to increase our PAN by one form of entry in 2018-19 by the Regional Schools Commissioner.  We have completed a considerable amount of work to prepare for the expansion and  are in the process of planning a new building on the Cotham site to manage the additional numbers. Our existing students will also benefit from the new building which will provide twelve extra classrooms and another dining hall.

The number of additional secondary school places required in the City and in North Bristol in particular is clear and far outstrips current capacity.  However, reports over the last few weeks suggest that all 3 of the new Secondary Free Schools planned for the City are on hold because suitable sites have yet to be been found.  

Despite this, opposition to our expansion on the live planning application currently outweighs support. This is terribly frustrating as the additional places are desperately needed by families of Primary age children.  

I would therefore be extremely grateful if you would consider adding a supportive statement to our planning application (link below).  Indeed, if you could also harness the support of other parents and carers who would like to send their children to Cotham in the future, even better!

We have noted that there have been a number of objections to this planning application and am aware that increasing the number of students who can attend Cotham School will mean there is an increase in the number of young people traveling to and from the school site on a daily basis.

However there will be limited other school spaces available for these young people who live in the local community.  It is hard to justify sending them on longer journeys across the city so that the number of students travelling are simply displaced to another part of the city.

To support our application please click here.

Please support our planning application as our expansion:

  1. Will provide much needed additional school places to students in the community.
  2. Is part of a coordinated strategic plan by Bristol City Council (BCC's) to ensure there continues to be enough secondary school places in Bristol.
  3. Supports BCC's transport plans by helping to prevent additional congestion due to young people having to travel excessive distances to schools in distant parts of the city.
  4. Supports lower income families by keeping travel costs of young people to a minimum.
  5. Supports the effective use of public money by using the economies of scale available through school expansion rather than the considerable additional costs of building new schools.
  6. Is of low impact on the surrounding area and is in keeping with the considerable variety of styles of design evident in the building already on Cotham Lawn Road.

Approval of this application would further demonstrate that Bristol City Council is a capable and effective local authority that is able to make long term strategic decisions to meet the current needs of young people and support the success of Bristol in the future.

To support our application please click here.

Many thanks for giving this your consideration.