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Sigma update

We held our first House assembly last week. It was a pleasure to welcome the New Year 7 students to Sigma. Our focus was Cotham Manners and our fabulous Sigma Prefect team led on this. They spoke about what Cotham Manners means to them.


Kadiya- House Captain

Everyone deserves to be treated nicely and shown kindness. By saying please and thank you to people can brighten up someone's day and show your politeness without having to do much at all.


Cotham is a big school with a lot of students. Cotham Manners are in place to help keep order and tidiness in such a big place. By clearing up your tray in the canteen and picking up litter you can contribute to making Cotham a clean and calm place.



Cotham Manners are about keeping our school a kind and friendly place whether you’re a student or a teacher. By holding the door open for others and helping teachers you can make Cotham a helpful and stress free environment.



A good way to show your Cotham Manners around school is by always offering to help. This could be helping a teacher carry their books, helping out with open days, or helping the year 7’s find their way around school.



We don’t have a choice about whether we come to school or not so I think Cotham Manners are about making Cotham a good place for us. Show respect and be kind to the teachers and students to make your experience better.


Simga Awards


Tutors had the hard job of nominating one student from their tutor group who they felt had made a positive start the new school year and had shown excellent Cotham Manners.

Congratulations to the following students, they received a certificate and a £5 Amazon voucher.

Maxamed and Bruno Year 7

Havana and Maddy Year 8

Elliott and Hugo Year 9

Aalia and Kardell Year 10

Jacob and Nina Year 11





House Charity


Our House Charity is the Rainbow Centre for Children. It is a local charity and supports children and families who are experiencing a bereavement or terminal illness. We fundraise throughout the year for our charity. We have a variety of different events both inter house and Sigma events.


We have an Inter House fundraising event the Coin Trail taking place on Thursday 26 September. Students will place their coins in a line on the floor, the money raised from the line will go to the charity.


Upcoming Fundraising events, dates to be confirmed.

Autumn bake sale

House disco year 7 and 8

Christmas raffle

Swimathon 8 March 2020- details to follow


Sigma – The Environment


Our role at school is the environment. We have had a successful couple of years working hard to make small changes around school that helps the environment. To reduce single use plastic in school, we have launched our own Sigma drinks bottle, they are for sale via wise pay. We fundraised to have a water fountain installed and this year we are hoping to work towards an outdoor table tennis table.


We will also continue to recycle old clothing/shoes and bags. This has proved successful and has raised over £200 since we started it. Please send in any items you no longer want, we work with Bristol Textiles Recycling (BTR) to collect them, we then get paid by the KG, all money raised goes to our house charity. 


Sigma are also proud to be working with Mr Lawrence on an Energy in Schools project with Samsung.


Be an Energy Champion

We need help to highlight ways we can reduce the amount of energy used across the school.

Are you: Observant Logical or Creative.

Can you; Analyse data, Solve problems or Encourage good habits

We need a team to;

Conduct an energy audit

Organise a switch off competition

Write an Energy Action Plan

Use micro:bits to collect data


If you’re interested, send an email to Mr Lawrence asking for more information.







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