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Sigma News

We have had an exciting and busy term. The fabulous Sigma Prefects Ishab, Anas, Frankie and Mathilda have been working hard to prepare for the Easter Raffle, the Clothing Drive and The Easter Cake Sale.

Easter Cake Sale

Prefects Anas, Mathilda and Olivia and Erin 9AF stayed after school making Easter nests and Easter cookies for our Easter Cake Sale.

It was a great success with both students and staff supporting us. We sold out of all our cakes/cookies and raised over £170 for our House Charity.

Thank you to the fabulous Sigma team, Anas, Frankie, Ishba and Mathilda who worked hard setting up the event and selling all the cakes.

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Easter Raffle

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket or donated an Easter Egg. We had 30 delicious chocolate prizes.

The raffle raised over £60 for the Sigma house charity - The Rainbow Centre for Children. Well done to everyone who won some Easter chocolate.

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Recycling Clothing Drive

Our role in school is the environment and we wanted to raise awareness of the amount of clothing that goes into landfill each year. Recently in our house assembly Bristol Textile Recyclers came in to explain how it helps the environment by recycling old/unwanted clothes. So over the last term we have been collecting old clothes and accessories for recycling to raise money for our House Charity the rainbow Centre for Children.  Today Thursday 22 March Bristol Textile Recycling company came in to collect and weigh our collection, this raised £184.40. Anas, Frankie and Ishba  worked hard sorting and preparing the bags ready for the driver. Mathilda had the job of recording the weight of each bag and giving us the all important total of Kilos.

We also held our own Pop Up Shop with some of the amazing items that were donated.  Overall the clothing drive has raised an amazing £270.77 for our charity.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Clothing drive and kindly donated their unwanted items.  

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We would like to thank everyone who has supported Sigma this term and wish you all a happy holiday.

The Sigma team.