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Sigma News

Sigma Round up

Congratulations to Polly Utley Scott 7EH who is October Sigma Superstar.

Polly has made a great start to Cotham. Polly is enthusiastic, caring, and helpful. She is a great asset to 7EH and Sigma House. Polly has shown kindness within her tutor group and has given up her own time to support Sigma fundraising events. Polly will receive a Sigma drink bottle and £3 to spend in the canteen

We are super proud to have Polly in Sigma.

Recycle old clothes, shoes and bags for our House Charity.

We recycled our first load of clothing this term and raised £36 for our house charity -The rainbow Centre for Children.

If you would like to donate any old clothing, shoes and bags please send them into school. We will be continuing this through out the year.

Sigma Cake Sale

We held our first cake sale this term. Thank you to everyone who supported us and bought our cakes.  We raised an amazing £145 for our house charity The Rainbow Centre for Children. Thank you to the Prefects: Abir, Paramjeet, Louis and Aineias who worked hard planning and organising the event. Special thanks to Louis Hawkins, Aineias Arango, Luke Velarde all 11MAH  and Polly Utley Scott 7EH who stayed after school Thursday and baked the cakes and brownies.

Congratulations to 7EH who have their own Cotham Manners poster - Always Act Kindly.  They have all shown an act of kindness to a fellow tutee.

Polly Utley Scott designed and made a fabulous card and the whole tutor group signed it and put a kind message in it for a fellow student who was feeling sad and nervous about being new at Cotham School. We are so proud to have 7EH in Sigma.

Sigma House Representatives

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected as year 7 tutor reps, Maja Maksimowicz, 7EH Lucas Faria-Cantera 7EH, Alma Ososki 7JLL and

Xavier George Morales 7JLL. We are also pleased to welcome Kadija Mohamed who has been elected as the new rep for 10JF. They join the other Sigma Reps.

Adam Davey Takolia 8BSA
Lola Gurvitz  8BSA
Jasmin Nunn 8BAK
Zai Tan 8BAK

Daniel Medus 9SL
Rosa Evans  9SL
Ali Hussain 9ID
Christine Wierzbicki 9ID

Harry Giles 10ACL
Kynaat Bibi  10ACL
Kadija Mohamed 10JF
Zach Mason 10JF

Esme Tagg Foster 11MAH
Paulo Antonio 11MAH
Lili Stuwe 11RMO
Reuben Bowtell 11RMO

Wishing you all a restful half term.

Mrs Arnold