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Omega House are proud to announce a new initiative for all students. “Cotham Manners Golden Tickets”.

Each fortnight I will be selecting a particular Cotham Manner for students to focus on demonstrating to all around the school site. I will have 5 mystery members of staff, each with golden tickets to secretly award to those they see going the extra mile to demonstrate the Cotham Manner. Students will show me their Golden Ticket and at the end of the fortnight, those awarded golden tickets will be entered into a prize draw! These can be tickets to see Bristol sporting matches, free meal vouchers for local restaurants, tickets to local attractions such as the Hippodrome, Aquarium, Cinema and many more!

Small positive actions around the school make a massive impact on the day to day experience for other pupils and members of staff, and this initiative will provide an opportunity to highlight those making an impact, positively, towards their school community and ethos!

The first prize draw will happen on the last day of term, Friday 15 February. Good luck hunting out those Golden Tickets!

I would also like to announce some Omega House award winners!

First of all, our Omega Legend for this term, is Elia Gerolemou (Y10)!

You have stood out as being trustworthy, respectful of others, hardworking, self-disciplined, and a fantastic role model for younger students in the school.

Commendations to the following pupils who also received awards for standing out!

  • Hard Worker -  Sacad Ali (Y11)
  • Kind- Yassin Odhiambo (Y11)
  • Polite- Jasmin Kitchen (Y11)
  • Focused- Reuben West (Y10)
  • Responsible- Tamzin Harris (Y10)
  • Honest- Rufus Buchan (Y8)
  • Friendly- Aron Balazs (Y8)
  • Humility- Rafa Allport (Y8)
  • Smiley- Esme Jones (Y7)
  • Courageous- Luken Chan (Y7)
  • Positive Mindset- Sahara Pring (Y7)

As we are currently in the depths of winter, and our year 11’s are past their mocks and getting closer and closer to their GCSE exams, I want to highlight how important it is to maintain positive mental health through this period. These are three very important ways we can look after our mental health:

  1. Release Endorphins (Join a sports team, do some exercise, set yourself a goal to beat, go outside when possible, challenge yourself!)
  2. Connect with others (Be sociable, face to face, reduce social media usage, find common interests, talk to someone new, join a club!)
  3. Ask for help! (Help to manage stress/workload/anxiety/ Talk to someone you trust- Tutor, Parent or Carer, Friends.)

With mental health at the forefront of many of our communities thoughts, I want to also announce that I am running the London Marathon for MIND, the mental health charity in support of Cotham Students, Staff and Parents who may be struggling with their own mental health, or caring for someone who is. For more information please see-

Thank you again to all Omega Students, I am very proud of you all, look after yourselves and keep up the good work!

Mr W Nunn




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