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Cotham School

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Omega House

Head of House

Mr Barber

House Captain

Lexi Prosser


Larry Magonyozi
Zia Kuyper
Dee Gray




Last week we celebrated Omega achievements this year so far, and tutor nominated students for awards.

  • 7JBR - Isaac Dale - Fantastic Behaviour and doing the right thing.
  • 7JBA - Laura Bird - Kind and Generous person
  • 8GC - Fathi Theolaire - Always polite and kind.
  • 8GM - Sabi - Polite and works hard.
  • 9KBO - Elia Gerolimou - Always polite and making an amazing charitable contribution.
  • 9JSB - Ines Pires - Polite and kind student.
  • 10DU - Avea Archer - Amazing manners
  • 10DF - Akbar Ali - Polite and always working hard.
  • 11LAL - Issy Ledgard - Unfailingly polite and friendly to everyone, on target in all subjects and still finds time for clarinet practice.
  • 11CB - Lexi Prosser - Always working hard

Elia Gerolimou was also our Omega legend for her amazing charitable act of shaving her head for cancer research.


House Points

Most house point awards this year so far went to:


  • 1st Rachel Adams
  • 2nd Milla Waite-Taylor
  • 3rd Esme Williams

Year 8

  • 1st Jaden Harcom
  • 2nd Yahye Aidid
  • 3rd Mahgoub Mohamed

Year 9

  • 1st Ella Robertshaw
  • 2nd Tamsin Harris
  • 3rd Esme Russel

Year 10

  • 1st Melissa-Alice Ross
  • 2nd Patrick Byrne
  • 3rd Ayan Mohamed

Year 11

  • 1st Samiha Habib
  • 2nd Xane Greves
  • 3rd Harry Hepden-Jones

Omega Challenge

Lastly, our current challenge is to design or sing an Omega jingle for the school tannoy system.





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