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Cotham School

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Omega News

This term Omega have been raising money for the Jessie May foundation as our local charity. Our fundraising events have been:

  • Penny Pick-up Challenge: Each tutor group will get a collection pot for coins found on the street/floor, whichever tutor group collects the most at the end of a term will be awarded with pizza. Collection date for the pennies is Thursday 19th October. Pizza will be awarded on the first week back.
  • Doughnut eating competition: (Photos can be found here) in which student paid £1 to accept the challenge of eating a doughnut without using their hands, both chocolate and eternal fame were awarded to Paulo Antonio 10MAH, Zaki Abudeip 9AF and Will Jarvis 9JSB who achieved the task in an amazing time of 22 seconds. Helping Raise £44 for the Jessie May Foundation.
  • Non-school uniform day: All money raised by the school is split between the four house charities.

A special shout out to the following students who have done exceptionally well this term in raising the standard we have at Cotham and earning the most house points for Omega so far this term.

  • Jaden Harcom-Tabbiruka 8GM
  • Rachael Adams 7JBA
  • Yahye Aidid 8GM
  • Ella Robertshaw 9KBO
  • Sarah Abourgebah 8GM
  • Mahgoub Mohamed 8GM
  • Milla Waite-Taylor 7JBA
  • Adam Roe 9JSB
  • Esme Williams 7JBA
  • Katherine Dennis 9KBO

Thank you to our amazing prefects for helping us this term, and to everyone in Omega I hope you all have a well earnt break.

Mr J Barber – Head of House