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Omega News

Omega House Winter Term

This term Omega house has had several awards and many causes of celebration. Students have continued to act and behave in an inspiring way, and a true reflection of what we would expect from Cotham students.

Doughnut challenge

Students were challenged to eat a doughnut without using their hands as fast as they could, over two days we had three winners, and managed to raise over £42 for our house charity ‘Jessie May’.

Penny pick-up

Run each term, students were encouraged to put any coins they found on the floor in charity pots and the tutor group who raised the most for ‘Jessie May’ won pizza.

Last terms winners 7JBR – raised over £100

This terms winner will be announced soon.

Omega Legend

This term we have had some very impressive Omega legends,

  • September: Thomas Tucci 8GC – for the highest number of achievement points that month, and being a polite and very generous student.
  • October: Jaden 8GM – for an impressive number of achievement points and brilliant work.
  • November: Rachel Adams 7JBA – for continued hard work and always smiling.

House points

This term Omega have had some very impressive scores from a large number of our students below are just the top 30 students from this term. A massive well done to them all.

  • Jaden Harcom-Tabbiruka 8GM88
  • Rachael Adams 7JBA84
  • Yahye Aidid 8GM83
  • Mahgoub Mohamed 8GM71
  • Milla Waite-Taylor 7JBA71
  • Esme Williams7JBA67
  • Laura Bird 7JBA66
  • Elliott Kellett 7JBA66
  • Ella Robertshaw 9KBO64
  • Salma Abdulle 7JBA63
  • Sarah Abourgebah 8GM60
  • Tamzin Harris 9JSB60
  • Rufus Buchan 7JBA55
  • Lily Caine 7JBA54
  • Phoebe Robertshaw 7JBA54
  • Hatim Almutairi 8GM53
  • Annabella Okatan 8GC53
  • Roe Adam 9JSB53
  • Ethan Toncini 7JBA53
  • Esme Russell 9KBO52
  • Samsam Hassan 8GC51
  • Jacob Lench 7JBA51
  • Sion Mowatt 8GM51
  • Khalid Ali 7JBA49
  • Katherine Dennis 9KBO49
  • Hector Sturrock 8GC49
  • Arran Kinnear 8GM48
  • Ines Pires 9JSB48
  • Nawaal Said 7JBA48
  • Madeleine Spilling 8GC48

Christmas Tree

This year we decided to have individual house Christmas trees that were decorated by students from each house. The omega students dusted off their origami skills to produce an eclectic but no less lovely tree.

Jessie May

Our house charity this year is the Jessie May foundation that helps terminally ill children in and around Bristol. They provide skilled nurses and carers to go into family homes and help out, providing not only some entertainment and excitement for the children but also some much needed rest for the families and parents of the children.

This term we were very proud to host two representatives in our house assembly and present them with £323 from our penny pick up challenge and our Donut eating competition.

This is not even including the money we have raised from non-school uniform days.

There will be much more to come.

Santa Dash

On a crazier note a whole school competition pitted teacher against teacher and student against student in a mad Santa themed sprint around the school grounds. Although weary, wet and muddy we had three triumphant teachers:

  1. Thomas Slane
  2. George Cawse
  3. Kelly McDonagh

And three exceptional students:

  1. Nyheam Kefentse
  2. Rahel Jafar
  3. Alex Durrani

Thank you all for a brilliant term, have a well earned break and I will see you all in January.

Best Wishes

The Omega Team

Mr Barber – Head of House
Lexi Prosser – House Captain
Dee Gray – Prefect
Zia Kuyper – Prefect
Larry Magonyozi - Prefect