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Cotham School

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Omega News

This Term Omega House have celebrated our latest Omega legend;

Yahye Aidid in 8GM for an amazingly impressive increase in house points.

We have started a 0 Behaviour points raffle for students each week who have managed to not accrue a single behaviour point.

Our first champion was:  Ty Fearon in 9KBO

We also held an egg painting workshop in celebration of a well earnt break arriving and to help raise some money for our house charity, the Jessie May foundation. Photos can be found here.

Lastly Cotham science club held a rocket car race between groups from different houses. All participants did brilliantly well and made some impressive cars.  Results are going to be tallied and sorted nationally however our inta house champion for fastest car was Gamma house’s very own Cosmo Matheson in 7SD, and for best designed car our own Aron Balazs in 7JBA.

Click here to view the photos

Have a well earnt Easter break and again thank you to our amazing House team.

  • Lexi Prossser
  • Zia Kuyper
  • Larry Magonyozi
  • Dee Gray

I will see you all after Easter

Mr Barber