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Cotham School

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Omega News

This term we have said a sad Farwell to our 4 current prefects

  • Lexi
  • Zia
  • Larry
  • Dee

Who have all worked really hard this last year to support Omega house, they have performed duties, collected money, represented their house and helped to run and plan assemblies they will be greatly missed.

On the plus side we have also welcomed four new prefects that will be with us for the year,

  • Theo
  • Alex
  • Patrick
  • Milly

This term Omega house has closed the gap with house points and has managed to add significantly to our fundraising efforts with a coin collection and a staff/prefect sponging. This involved the old prefects of Omega and Gamma house lining up while students and staff paid 20p to exact hart felt revenge in the form of wet sponges of icy water. Several members of staff were particularly enthusiastic.

Next term we will be changing our focus to that of the Aid Box Community charity that is based very near the school with the intention of improving their building and helping to re-paint their shop.

Enjoy the sunny weather

Mr J Barber