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Omega News

A warm welcome back to all students after the Christmas break. Last term Omega house was very busy in the school community and I would like to congratulate all that took part in the various fundraisers and competitions!

Last term we organised a whole school collection for Bristol homelessness, which was delivered to the Julian Trust in St Pauls on the Friday after the end of term. Thank you to my prefects who were awesome collecting from tutor groups and a huge thank you to all those who kindly donated. Staff and students. The Julian Trust were so grateful for all your donations and they asked me to pass on a heartfelt thank you to all who got involved!

We also organised the annual Santa Dash which was a great success, initially our winner this year was, for the second year, Mr Slane however after a VAR replay across the finish line the Fourth Official noticed the offender in non-regulation rugby boots, giving him a competitive edge over all the other competitors. Therefore after disqualification Tazz Clarke-Downer (11WN) was given the overall win.

There have been a few students who have stood out over the past two terms and I am pleased to announce that our Omega Legends for term 1 and term 2 were Fab Campus (8JBR) and Nada Marsal (10JSB) Commendations go out to Sion Mowatt (9RM), Becky Lloyd (7KBK), Frank Parsons (8JBR), Avea Archer (11DU), Shawanica Ramsey (11DU), Adam Roe (10JSB), Hafza Dauud (7KBK).

Finally, Omega house was successful in winning the Overall House Trophy for the very first time! Not only this, we also managed to win the trophy for Cotham Manners! A brilliant success, however holding onto the trophy will be an even greater task. Thank you to all my amazing house who have worked incredibly hard in school to make this happen.

Below are a variety of photos from the homeless collection and also the Santa Dash.

All the best for the new term, keep on being awesome Omega!

Mr W Nunn