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Cotham School

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Omega Update

Welcome back to Omega!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer break and made the most of the good weather that we had!

It is fantastic to have you all back at the beginning of the term, fresh in the memory of Omega victory before the break! I am very proud to say that Omega retained the Overall House Trophy, won both at the end of Term 2 and the end of Term 6. This was the first year that Omega have won the house trophy and we are very much looking forward to all the house competitions over the next few terms, with the hope of retaining it further! We were also successful in winning the Dave Martin Sports Trophy for the first time. Another fantastic achievement! Well done to all of you!

I would like to warmly welcome our Year 7 tutor groups, 7WN and 7AV who are already proving to be formidable contenders for house points around the school! These guys have fitted in well and I would like to say a continued thank you to the more senior members of Omega house for helping them out over the first few weeks. As Omega house, our focus is on Community and you have all shown fantastic Omega community spirit at the beginning of this year.

Our house assembly this term focused on Cotham Manners, and how making small changes can have a huge impact around the school. Being kind, saying please and thank you, offer to help. These are all traits I would encourage Omega students to emphasise to make their learning community a happy and successful place to be.

Already we had the opportunity to award some awards to students in our first house assembly. Tutors were asked to nominate an individual who had displayed fantastic Cotham Manners around the school. Congratulations to the following, who won a £5 Amazon Voucher and a house water bottle!

Ty and Ines Year 11
Nancy and Samira Year 10
Frank and Maya Year 9
Jimmy and Martha Year 8
Oscar and Mariam Year 7

Our Overall Omega Legend this term, for continued excellence, respectful behaviour, willingness to help others and an aptitude to go the extra mile is:

Gemma Year 10

Well done to all our awards winners!

It now comes to me to once again thank all those in Omega house for their continued support of our house charity, the Jessie May Foundation. We raised £1,339.86 last year which will be awarded to the foundation soon. As a school, we managed to raise a total from all house events of £6,379.87. This is an incredible feat and well done to all of you who took part or donated in house activities last year.

Have a fantastic term everyone, keep being awesome!

Mr William Nunn