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Miss Madge and her Gamma Leadership are extremely proud and excited of all the things that are going on in the house system at the moment. Our recent week of House assemblies have been the culmination of a lot of hard work from Delta, Sigma and Omega to make some awesome new changes and introduce incredible competitions and initiatives. 

Gamma was very proud to announce they were the winners of the coin trail competition. All of the students who contributed to the event as well as the recent Spookfest proved just how charitable they can be. This will all help contribute to our local House Charity- Above and Beyond. 

We celebrated this month’s Gamma House Champion - Eisha in Year 7. She was so kind when bringing in money and helping out in the coin trail that we thought it was important she be commended in House assembly. Please come to the Humanities office Eisha to collect your reward!

Tutor Reps- Eva (Year 11) and Zara (Year 10) went into House assemblies this week to explain the new mentoring scheme- Cotham Mentors. This is going to be a weekly club run by Miss Madge in K004 where students can come to complete work in a calm and safe environment whilst also being mentored by older students. We hope this can be the start of more cross-year cohesion as we know Gamma students really look up to our prefects. 

Other events run by the other Houses include- The Apprentice, School Disco, Cothams Got Talent, Bake sales, the Santa Dash and many more. At this special time of giving, we really encourage all Cotham students to get involved and help out our charities by bringing in some spare change for these events or simply just get involved!

Happy Holidays


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