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Gamma Summer Update

Gamma is ending this year with over whelming excitement and pride with all of our students. One of the most exciting new things to happen is the introduction of our new prefects. We had a large number of applicants which made the process extremely hard however Gamma has gained 4 brilliant new prefects and a House Captain.

House Captain- Charlotte O 10SME
Prefect- Maja P 10SME
Prefect- Sam S 10SHA
Prefect- Yusra A 10SHA
Prefect- Shauna M 10SME

Each of these students laid out their plans in our most recent House Assembly for the year ahead, including their aims and goals.

Shauna - Help skill up younger students with skills for their future and provide peer support.

Maja - Represent students’ views on behaviour and rewards, encourage students to have fun at school, be a positive role model.

Sam - Encouraging students to take part in extra activities/sport around school and broaden views on what this school has to offer. Plan regular tutor and inter house competitions. 

Charlotte - More of a value based approach at Cotham. Encouraging school pride and Community. Using house system to engage people in social and political issues. Starting a tutoring session for younger years.

I am so excited to start working with them and make sure you keep your eyes out for what is to come!

We were so inspired by the leadership qualities shown by our prefects that we decided to reward future leaders within our House. Tutors selected those who they thought showed organisation, ambition, confidence and inspiration. 
A massive well done to the following students:
Daisy D 7CBR 
Jake D 7RA
Martha P 7JPG
Alex C 8SD/IJ 
Milly F 8MPI
Naysa M 9RD
Angela L 9ABI
Flynn H 10SME 
Faiza H 10SHA

We also had a rewards raffle where students could win headphones, fitness trackers, footballs etc. We listened to student voice and many were keen to get more healthy and active prizes so 12 lucky winners were chosen from students who achieved over 100 points. Our House Champion this month is Sol K 7RA who is a lovely young lady, who was a credit to the school on a recent History trip. She cheers up everyone around her and we are very proud Sol is in Gamma

Finally, we are very proud to announce that we have a combined total raised from our Summer fete of £291.00! This will be split between the House charities.

Thank you to all our hard working Gamma students, we look forward to seeing you in September, but for now have a lovely Summer!

Miss Madge