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This has been an interesting term for Delta House as a lot of initial work has been going on behind the scenes as our house focus of behaviour and rewards has taken priority of our actions.

Delta House reps devised a Google Form with a range of questions about how students feel about the existing rewards system. This also offered students the opportunity to make their suggestions for what they’d like to see in place to help create a more positive classroom culture. 

So far more than 520 students have taken the time to complete the Google Form and every response thus far has been read by a member of the Delta Team. This is a vital piece of work that the Delta Team are undertaking as it has the potential to have a hugely positive impact on the whole student body. Teachers have also had their voices heard and are keen to support the development of a system that focuses on celebrating the great things students are doing. 

More details on the progress of the rewards system will be shared throughout the year. 

If any parents would like to share thoughts, feedback or suggestions on how we can share the great things your child is doing, please do get in touch via 

Louie’s Got Talent!

It goes without saying Louie in 7RBI is utterly brilliant. He had the Dance Studio in stitches on Friday lunchtime when he absolutely nailed his comedy act. Louie created a feel good vibe with lots of laughter which saw him being crowned as the winner of a fabulous Cotham’s Got Talent event that the Y13 Business students organised. Huge well done Louie, you did Delta proud!

Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

A huge thank you to all Delta students who brought in decorations for our Christmas tree. My thanks especially for the energy, exuberance and enthusiasm that the 8CX superstars brought with them. Amelia, Orla, Ria and Hannah - thank you so much for taking the time to care so much about all things Delta. You are absolute superstars and set a fantastic example to us all. Your unrelentless positivity is what makes being Head of House such a wonderful role. Thank you. 

All that is left for me to say is I wish you and your families a joyful and peaceful break and the warmest of wishes for 2019.

Miss McDonagh and the Delta Squad


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    Published 09/03/18

    Social Media Project

    The creative social media project got underway last Friday lunchtime. It was fantastic to see so many students keen to participate in the project beginning to explore relationships with social media. Due to the high numbers of Co-Researchers, students have put themselves into groups so that they can get the most from the project. Students will be notified of when their sessions are taking place during Friday lunchtimes. 

    Delta Dazzler

    This month the Delta House Dazzler award goes to a student who consistently leads by example each and every day. He is polite, friendly and demonstrates the Delta House values of kindness, being hardworking and being the best version of himself. I am immensely proud to have this student in Delta,  Josh Smith (9AWS) you are the Delta House Dazzler for January 2018. Congratulations!

    Delta House Reps

    On Wednesday 24th January the House Reps had a meeting to feedback what tutor groups had said about how we can go about improving the behaviour and rewards system. The House Reps did a terrific job in feeding back their fellow tutees views and what was pleasing was the suggestions that were put forward that could make a positive difference to the whole school. Students were articulate and made some great suggestions that will be taken to the School Council.  

    Tutor Tube Challenge

    Well done to the mighty and generous 7PPR for being the first tutor group to fill up their tube and return it. They, along with 10CCY enjoyed some sweet treats to say thank you for donating their spare change towards Off The Record. A huge well done and thank you to the lovely 8DD who also filled up their tube.

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