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Delta News

In our house assembly this week the Delta House community was reminded about what it means to be in Delta. Our House Captain, Mahad shared the Delta House values as a helpful reminder to Years 8-11 and as a key message to those new students in Year 7. The Delta House values are:

  • To be kind
  • To be hardworking
  • Try your best

Mahad went on to say that it is important for all of us to be the best versions of ourselves and with that it mind we have challenged ourselves to be even better than last year. Something we are striving to be better at as a house is doing our bit for the local community and for that reason we have begun our first fundraising activity of the year for Off The Record. Thank you very much to those people who have already brought in their donation to the 'Chocolottery'. The prefects will continue to collect donations next week and will be selling tickets to everybody during afternoon tutor times. The date of the draw is yet to be announced...remember that you have to be in it to win it, so do encourage your child to get their ticket(s) before it is too late!

It has been great to see the brilliant start to the year made by so many of our Delta students and how staff were recognising students through house points. The students named below were our first Delta House Heroes of the year:

  • Liam Moore (7KM)
  • Lola Eden Beaver (7PPR)
  • Fadumo Ismail (8DD)
  • Fin Wylie (8EM)
  • Sude Topuz (9AWS)
  • Tom Brazier (9TS)
  • Neve Lloyd Owen (10CCY)
  • Nadia Johns (10SBA)
  • Kacper Barszcz (11RBI)
  • Laszlo Brennan (11RH)

I am also delighted to report that as a house we have started off the way we finished previous years, leading the way in terms of house points. Although we must not get complacent as Gamma are hot on our heels!

Thank you to all those students in Delta who consistently demonstrate the Delta House values and have helped us make a great start to the year. I am certain this will continue.

Miss McDonagh - Head of House