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Delta Cotham Manners Challenge

On Monday 13th November Delta House students were set a challenge. A challenge to see which tutor group could demonstrate Cotham Manners in abundance. For the first 10 days of the Delta Cotham Manners challenge 8EM were leading the way as the most polite tutor group. 8DD and 10SBA made a surge but as we closed in on the final stages of the challenge 7KM knocked 8EM off the top spot and there they remained right up until the final day! However, the wonderful group of students that are 'Polite, Pleasant and Respectful', 7PPR reigned supreme and as a result were treated to pizza in the penultimate tutor time of 2017. Huge congratulations to 7PPR! It was lovely to see the excitement on the students faces when the pizza was delivered to their tutor base. 

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As we look ahead to 2018 we will be looking to continue the focus upon Cotham Manners as this is what really makes our school a pleasant place to learn, work and visit. 

Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to those students who contributed to Delta winning the Christmas Tree competition. Poppy (7KM) and Amelia (7PPR) for making the wonderful Delta House Angel. They were not the only helpers though, other students who contributed significantly to the success of the tree decorating include Liam (7KM), Esme (7PPR), Jessica (7KM), Blaze (7KM), Orla (7PPR), Amina (8EM) and those students who came in on a chilly morning to help ensure the tree was looking tip-top. It was a real pleasure to see students taking pride in their house and coming together to do something lovely. 

Delta House Heroes

As we bring 2017 to a close I'd like to highlight those students who are currently at the top of the Delta House Leaderboard. These students are consistently meeting and exceeding expectations and this is shown through the number of house points they have earnt. They continue to be a credit to Delta House and our community. Huge well done to the top 5 Delta students:

  1. Hannah 7PPR (94)
  2. Liam 7KM (85)
  3. Ethan 7PPR (81)
  4. Fin 8EM (81)
  5. Zakariya 7PPR (77)

Delta Dazzler

We have two Delta Dazzlers this month. The first Delta Dazzler is Thomas Rich in 8DD. Thomas has received high praise from Mr Barber for being 'exceptional' all term not only for being brilliant in class in his own work but for his support of other students, well done Thomas! Our second Delta Dazzler goes to none other than our amazing House Captain, Mahad Hashi. Miss Madge praised Mahad for stepping in and doing the right thing. Mahad is a role model to all students and we are lucky to have him in Delta. Great job Mahad! 

The Delta House team would like to wish everybody a wonderful Christmas, a terrific new year and the warmest wishes for 2018. 

Team Delta