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During our house assembly this week we shared lots of information on upcoming activities, lots of which have a festive theme around getting involved and making a difference in the community. 

We kicked off in assembly with an update on the revamp of our rewards system. Delta House are keen to make sure that every student has an opportunity to have their voice heard so every tutor group from year 7 to year 11 will be visiting the computer rooms over the next three weeks to complete a Google Form devised by the Delta House reps that asks students how they feel about the rewards system and what they would like to see in the newly revised edition that will be launched next year. 

We are currently in the process of evaluating systems available and would welcome parental feedback on how you feel we are doing as a school when it comes to positive communication home. What information would you like to receive about your child? If you have any thoughts / comments please email 

Over the upcoming House Assemblies, the Delta House Tutor Squad will be nominating their tutees to receive an award based on them demonstrating our Delta House values. This time we focused on our absolute core value - kindness. The students below are our House Heroes for November 2018 and each received a Delta House water bottle, certificate and gold chocolate coins because it ‘pays to be kind’. Our House Captain, Istahil shared the good news with the students and distributed prizes. 

“This student is consistently nice and kind to everyone” Grace 7DS
“A friendly, positive student and an excellent role model to others” Imogen 7RBI
"For always being caring towards others and stepping in to help without the need to be asked" Amelia 8CGR/JOX
“For being kind and thoughtful to other KMers” Saquaina (8KM)
“For consistently caring about and helping the tutor group (and tutor!)” Thomas (9DD)
“For welcoming a new student and taking her under her wing” Sude 10SH
“Is always kind and polite to staff and other pupils” Connor 10TS
“A very kind and helpful young man!” Alex DM (11CCY)

It was so lovely for me to receive such lovely words from tutors about their tutees. Next up will be the Delta Diligence awards. Could you be our next house hero?

Delta Dazzler

This student is an absolute dream. He is polite, positive, friendly and his warmth is infectious! Adrian Pricop in 8CGR/JOX is our Delta House Dazzler for the way in which he conducts himself each and every single day. Adrian always makes a point of saying hello and smiling and generally making people’s day! Well done Adrian!

Cotham’s Got Talent

Yes, Cotham has got talent! Specifically, students in Delta House do in abundance! It's now your time to show off those dazzling gymnastic skills, that great comedy routine you've been preparing or for you to showcase your songwriting skills. Whatever your talent, be brave and get involved! There's a £30 Cabot Circus voucher up for grabs so you know what they say, you've got to be in it to win it!

When is it? 
From 10th until 14th December.

How much is it? 
Entrance fee £1 per person. 
Money will be split between house charities.

Delta House Christmas Tree!

People of Delta, we need you! The now annual Inter-house Christmas Tree competition will soon be upon us and we need your help to make it blue and beautiful! If you are keen on crafts and would like to make a decoration for our tree, please do! 

Santa Dash!

Yes, it is back! The Santa Dash will be taking place on 8th December. Have some fun, dress up as Santa and feel all festive as we race around the field!

Christmas Collection

It is at this time of year that we think about the gift of giving. We would like to offer our support to the homeless this Christmas in providing them with a range of products. We are asking students to bring in one of the following where possible so that collectively we can make a positive difference to those who are not as fortunate as ourselves. 

  • Non-perishable foods? Eg: canned/jars/pasta/rice
  • Toothbrushes/Dental hygiene?
  • Toiletries? Deodorants/soap/ shower gels?
  • Tampons & Pads?
  • Nappies? 

Over the next 3 weeks we are looking to collect any donated items. Donation boxes will be by student reception, the hub and also brought to tutor sessions by Omega Reps. Please do your bit and make Delta PROUD!

Final Thank You 

A huge thank you to Delta House Activity Sheep for the way in which their energy and enthusiasm means that we have a selection of events coming up this term. More details coming soon ☺

Delta House Squad