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Delta News

Delta Download January 2019

This week saw our first assembly of the new year, in which we navigated our way through the following:

  • Bristol Youth Vote
  • Our House Priorities 2018-19
  • Lessons learnt from Miss McD's life at sea 
  • Recognition - Delta Diligence and 100 Club Members!

House Priorities 2018-19

This was a busy week for our Delta House Reps, who met with Miss McDonagh twice so that she could share the findings from the 605 student responses to the Google Form about 'Rewards'. Students were also informed as to what staff have said about whole school rewards. Students have now begun to come up with ideas and designs as to what our newly revised rewards system may look like. This is an exciting time for our House as we have the potential to help foster and nurture an even more positive classroom climate.  

Lessons learnt from Miss McD's life at sea

Here, I reflected on the two weeks I spent at sea and what I learnt from the experience. This was an interesting and fantastically fun experience  for me, in which I challenged myself to do things that I wouldn't normally ever consider and my 5 main lessons are outlined below. 

  1. Grab opportunities when they come your way
  2. Push yourself out of your comfort zone
  3. Listen to others
  4. Try new things
  5. Have fun! 

House Heroes

Delta House Tutors were asked to nominate a student in their tutor group who consistently demonstrates one of our core house values, diligence. The following students were chosen by their tutors and rewarded with a Delta water bottle and House Hero postcard. 

  • Adam was chosen by his tutor, Miss Bird to be a Delta House Hero. Miss Bird said that Adam is a polite and respectful student who always works hard.
  • Honor was chosen by her tutor, Mr Saddler to be a Delta House Hero for consistently demonstrating one of our core house values, diligence. 
  • Keep being awesome!  You are a credit to our house!
  • Clarice was chosen by her tutors, Mrs Oxenham and Mrs Grice to be a Delta House Hero. Clarice’s tutors said that she is always organised, polite and co-operative and gets involved in other aspects of school life.  
  • Iola was chosen by her tutor, Miss McDonagh to be a Delta House Hero. Miss McDonagh said that Iola is one of the most hardworking and diligent students she has ever had the privilege to work with.  
  • Itziar was chosen by her tutor Mr Dignan to be a Delta House Hero. Itziar’s tutor said that she is always smiling and demonstrates a helpful and caring approach to her fellow tutees. 
  • Alfie was chosen by his tutor, Mr Slane to be a Delta House Hero. Mr Slane said that Alfie is a nice lad and is always friendly and polite. 
  • Aaliyah was chosen by her tutor, Mr Cony to be a Delta House Hero. Mr Cony said that Aaliyah has been working so hard, particularly on her artwork. 

First members of the 2018-19 Delta 100 Club!

The 'magnificent seven' students below were the first crop of Delta students to secure 100 house points this academic year. It goes without saying that this is a brilliant achievement and highlights the fantastic job these students are doing in getting things right, day in, day out. These students were awarded a Delta water bottle and a golden certificate. 

  • Ethan Davies
  • Theo Bradwell
  • Imogen Bassett
  • Ismail Hersi
  • Nadra Jama
  • Nhi Vu
  • Rafferty Al-Habib


Robot Wars! Year 7s designed and created a robot for the inter house recycle robot project. The winners for Delta can be revealed as Louie, Adam, Theo and Aisha's robot! Their robot is going to be sprayed blue for our house, which I'm sure will make it look even more fantastic! I look forward to being able to share with you the completed version. 

Miss McDonagh and the Delta Team