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Delta Download

Hello and welcome to the first Delta Download of 2019-20.


In our first house assembly of the year we welcomed back our Year 8 - Year 11 students and also welcomed our bumper trio of Year 7 tutor groups, 7ER, 7CC and 7JOX to the Delta House community.

In my time as Head of House I am pleased to say that the energy that this cohort of prefects has is boundless. The enthusiasm that Muna, Isabelle, Finn, Isaac and Ali bring continues to impress me and make me immensely proud as I know they are going to ensure that our house community come together and make a difference in our school community and particularly for our house charity, Off The Record.

What are our values?

Miss McDonagh kicked off proceedings by reminding and sharing the Delta House values, explaining that in Delta we all strive to be:

  • Kind
  • Diligent
  • The best version of ourselves

Our House Charity

Muna and Isabelle then went on to talk about our House charity, Off The Record and how a growing number of our students are accessing their services to support them with mental health issues. Isabelle highlighted how whilst raising £1339 was good, we can go BIGGER and BETTER this year.


We launched not one but two fundraising events that are taking place this week.

Inter house coin trail
Delta tutor groups have each been given an OTR piggy bank to bring in their pennies. Each day this week prefects have gone into tutor times to empty the piggy’s into the bigger buckets so they can be replenished ahead of the coin trail that took place Thursday lunchtime in the sports hall. Any donations made are gratefully received and will go directly to Off The Record.

Friday Funday!
Muna was very excited to launch Friday Funday! Students are able to purchase water balloons from prefects in the hub at breaktime Monday - Friday. At 2:45pm on Friday those who have purchased water balloons will come to the registration table and collect what they’ve paid for and throw them in the direction of friends and teachers! We are sure that this is going to be a fabulously fun way to begin the weekend and I know I’m looking forward to drenching one or two people already!!

House Reps - having your say!

Finn explained to the house the role of the house rep and how being a house rep is the single best way to be a catalyst in enabling positive change to happen in our school and community. House Rep elections have been underway this week and will be finalised next week. Once the house reps are all in place we will hold our first meeting of the year.

*Delta Exclusive Going The Extra Mile Competition*

Isaac launched the Delta exclusive competition to design the “going the extra mile” badge that will be awarded and presented to students who have excelled. This is a unique opportunity that will have a lasting impact across the entire school community. Here is a link to the entry form. Get involved!

Delta House Heroes!

Tutors were asked to undertake the seemingly impossible task of nominating one student in their tutor group who demonstrates excellent Cotham manners. The following students should be congratulated for being recognised as the first Delta House Heroes of the 2019-20 academic year. .


They each received a Delta water bottle, House Hero postcard and a £5 Amazon voucher. 


Angus and Samir Year 7

Yusuf and Thibaud Year 8

Selah and Ruby Year 9

Samiya and Sumayya Year 10

Freya and Alfie Year 11

Needless to say we are going to have had a super busy week and we look forward to sharing the photos of the coin trail and Friday Funday with you in our next update.

Miss McDonagh and the Delta Prefects