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Season's Greetings from all in Delta House

In our House Assembly this week we had what can only be described as a very 'festive feel' to proceedings. With the Christmas music playing, the Delta elves wearing their blue Santa hats and the abundance of Christmas events coming up, festive cheer was well and truly in motion!


House Charity Update

In line with the season of giving, we had an update on money raised so far this year for our House Charity, Off The Record. So far through the inter-house coin trail and the Delta House Halloween themed cake pop sale, we have raised £384.62! This shows we've made a great start to the 2019-20 campaign and would love to surpass £1000 by April 2020.  


Delta House Heroes

In our first term we had the inter-house coin trail and the 'Cotham Can' Collection. Thank you to everybody who donated to these two initiatives. There were some individuals though that stood out for their contributions and they were nominated by their tutors to be Delta House Heroes for their 'generosity' in both of these events. A HUGE congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the following students who have clearly gone the extra mile. To say thank you, they were given a Delta House Hero postcard and a £5 Amazon voucher. 


7CCY- Orsolya

7ER- Xanthe

7JOX- Fahad

8RBI- Imogen

8DS- Fin

9KM- Mackayla

9DU- Amelia

10DD- Brianna

11SH- Muna

11TS- Jordan  


Cotham Does The Apprentice

A team of utterly fabulous 9DU Delta students are organising the inter-house competition for this term, 'Cotham Apprentice'. Which house will reign supreme and which candidates will be hearing those infamous words "you're fired!". All students across the four houses are invited to participate in the competition whereby they will be tasked with up to 5 gruelling challenges with the first challenge being revealed to students during Friday morning tutor time. Students can take part individually or register as a team and come along to K102 Friday morning to be given their first challenge.   


Cotham's Got Talent!

Charlie from the Year 12 Business class is responsible for organising the annual school talent show 'Cotham's Got Talent'. Last year the winner was a Delta student, Louie put on a side-achingly funny performance as a comedian and left the judges grinning from ear to ear. If you have a talent that you'd like to showcase, keep your eyes peeled for the Year 12 students who will be promoting and sharing more information over the coming days and weeks. 


Delta does....Christmas Karaoke!

Isabelle revealed one of our Delta fundraisers for this term as Christmas Karaoke. Students have been invited to either take part either as a solo artist or as a group to get up and sing their hearts out on the penultimate day of term. Tickets will be on sale shortly for both singers and audience members. Isabelle also disclosed that this is an event NOT TO BE MISSED and for students to secure their tickets as they are bound to sell out, especially with the 'surprise band' making their debut performance during the show! 


Cotham Goes To The Polls

Finn highlighted how we are in the build up to a general election and explained to students how we will all be going to the polls on December 12. Students will cast two votes. One for who they would vote for in the national election and more importantly who students are going to vote for to form the Student Leadership Team! 

  • President (Year 10 and Year 11)
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Leader of Resources and Facilities
  • Leader of Outreach and Communication
  • Leader of Wellbeing

If students are interested in campaigning, creating a manifesto and running for one of these positions, they need to register their interest with Miss McDonagh during any morning tutor time. We want to see students actively campaigning to take a leading role in improving our school community for all. 


Other house information

What was lovely about this particular house assembly was the way in which prefects were actively promoting the work of other houses. Term 2 has a bumper packed schedule including the Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 Christmas Disco and the annual Santa Dash. We fully expect the favourite Mr Slane to reign supreme for the third time on the bounce, however our House Captain Ali has set his sights on the crowning glory of being the Santa Dash Champion. Sigma's cake roulette is sure to be a hit along with Gamma's mentoring club. 


Here's to a fabulous, fun-filled and joyous term 2


Miss McDonagh and the Delta House Team