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Cotham School

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Community Initiative in Bristol

People want to be helpful … it makes us feel good. So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that 20 million people in the UK (more than 1 in 2 adults) say they would like to spend more time volunteering.

Yet as life goes on, despite our best intentions, other commitments get in the way, because quite frankly, we never know where to start. So what if there was a website that could tell you who needed what, where – and put you in touch with them - directly?, a bristol based website has been doing just that. Founded by Simon Hills and Saf Nazeer, Helpfulpeeps is a new social networking site born from a collective belief that life is better when we help each other.  All help on the site is given free of charge - no transaction or exchange; just good old-fashioned community help.


Since launching a pilot in Bristol last year, the online community has grown to over 10,000 registered members. So whether it involves help with cat sitting or learning a new language, moving a sofa or lending a hand at a charity event, Helpfulpeeps has seen the need requested – and fulfilled by a kind stranger.


So far the website has led to a restoration of faith in humanity for many, lifelong friendships for some and even a Guinness world record being broken for charity!