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Council Consultation Opportunity

As you may be aware the Council has launched a consultation aimed at stimulating thoughts and ideas from Bristol residents on how council services can be run in future. The consultation asks people to consider the ideas the Council is putting forward on making approximately £92m of savings over the coming five years and to suggest their own ideas or amendments.

The plan the Council has put forward is called the draft Corporate Strategy. Its pages contain a breakdown of the Mayor’s vision for the city and ideas of how services could be changed or in some cases stopped altogether to help meet these necessary savings. The scale of this task brings into focus the reality that the Council can no longer continue to deliver all the services we do in the way they’re currently run. Put simply, the role of the local authority in Bristol must change if we are to make the necessary savings whilst protecting core services and safeguarding the wellbeing of society’s most vulnerable.

As you can probably guess, it is essential that people take part in this consultation to ensure the final decisions being taken on the future of Council services are made with as much public input as possible.

To help stimulate this conversation and, we hope, call to action, Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol will take part in a live webcast at 11am on Thursday 1st of December. Marvin will be joined by Ian Onions, the Political Editor of the Bristol Post, who will put to him the ideas and suggestions for how services could be run as submitted by Post readers. This webcast will be streamed live via the Council’s webcasting portal and the Bristol Post website.

This is an unique opportunity for people to hear the Mayor speak on his priorities whilst also tackling the big questions about how the Council will meet the financial challenge it faces. I would like to encourage you to share this information with your teaching staff, in particular, any staff leading classes in politics or sociology. Should any members of staff wish to include this webcast or any of the strategy consultation material as part of lesson planning please feel free to put them in contact with the Council’s Public Relations team who are happy to help support this activity. They can be contacted on or 0117 922 2650.

The consultation documents and other material can be found online by visiting or follow the conversation on Twitter @BristolCouncil.