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Performing Arts News

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  • Performing Arts Work of the Week

    Published 09/11/18
    Congratulations to Honor (7DS) for her vibrant drama homework. Over half term, we saw the finale of the Great British Bake-Off. These cakes, baked by Daisy (7EH) and George (7CBR) were certainly deserving of a handshake from Miss Miles, our resident
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  • Performing Arts Work of the Week

    Published 26/10/18
    Congratulations to Jonah (7JLL), Herbert (7JLL) and Louis (7CBR) for their excellent posters on Samba music. This term in music, year 7 have been completing a scheme of work on World Music and alongside samba, students have also been studying Indones
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  • Performing Arts Work of the Week - 19 Oct 2018

    Published 19/10/18
    Thank you to students for sharing their  work, the office is starting to amass quite the collection of cakes, models, and masks. We've seen some wonderful films and even a stop motion animation. Congratulations to Martha (7JPG) and Raffer
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  • Performing Arts Work of the Week - 12 Oct 2018

    Published 12/10/18
    Congratulations to Martha (7JPG) and Rafferty (7RBI) for their incredible dance homeworks. We look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. This term, in dance, year 7 are choreographing using the 6 basic actions that form the foundati
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  • Performing Arts Work of the Week - 5 Oct 2018

    Published 05/10/18
    Congratulations to Imogen in 7RBI for an inspired piece of Drama homework. This term year 7 are looking at the language of drama and learning about the key skills in creating a piece of theatre. 
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  • Drama Work of the Week 22 June 2018

    Published 22/06/18
    This week Year 12 drama students performed as part of their A Level in Drama and Theatre Studies. In Year 12, students work on devised performances, this year taking influence from the work of Frantic Assembly and the play Rhinoceros by Eugène
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  • Drama Work of the Week ​​​​​​​- 8 June 2018

    Published 08/06/18
    Many thanks to Ezra Penny (8SL) for his Lego recreation of a Shakespearean street. Congratulations, we look forward to more great work in the future. Today's Shakespeare fun facts are provided by Miss Gordon:  Shakespeare never seeme
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  • Drama Work of the Week - 25 May 2018

    Published 25/05/18
    Congratulations to Maddy Spilling & Holly Puttick, both in 8GC, for their joint project on Shakespeare and Hamlet. Fun fact: Hamlet is the longest Shakespearean play with 4,042 lines and 29,551 words! Next term, year 8 will be exploring storytell
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  • Artwork of the Week - 9 March 2018

    Published 09/03/18
    Work of the week goes to Mike Ye 8EM with his beautiful and intricate Day of the Dead skull design also featuring stitching around the edge.
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