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Cotham School

Performing Arts Work of the Week - 19 Oct 2018

Thank you to students for sharing their  work, the office is starting to amass quite the collection of cakes, models, and masks. We've seen some wonderful films and even a stop motion animation.

Congratulations to Martha (7JPG) and Rafferty (7RBI) for their incredible dance homeworks. We look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. This term, in dance, year 7 are choreographing using the 6 basic actions that form the foundation of dance (Jump, Turn, Travel, Stillness, Gesture and Fall).

We were also very impressed with Jaiya (7JLL) and Djanu (7EH) for their meticulously crafted sculptures of Shakespeare and an ensemble of characters with felt curtains.

Finally, we'd like to thank Giulio (7JPG) who really embraced nature of the 'surprise me' homework with his mask, as modeled by our resident costume tester, Miss Miles. While you cannot see it in the photo, she is certainly surprised.