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Cotham School

Anti-Racist School Award: Carnegie School of Education (Leeds Beckett University)

As a part of this anti-racist work launched in September 2020, we have started working towards the anti-racist school award that looks at Governance, Leadership and Management; School Environment; Professional Learning and Development; Hidden Curriculum; Pedagogy and Curriculum and Parents/Carers and Community Partnerships. This award aims to improve race equality within schools while promoting safety and wellbeing for BAME staff, students, parents, carers, and those in the community. The first stage of this process has been to evaluate the extent to which we are taking a whole-school approach to anti-racism, identifying any gaps in which to develop and strengthen. This audit result was strong with a few areas to continue working on with our trained CRED professional associate coach, who will help to ensure that we meet a series of criteria before creating a personalised action plan using a development framework.  We are committed to the long term work that is required for institutional change.