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Cotham School

Anti-Racist staff training

Started September 2020

In September 2020, we delivered whole staff training on Cotham’s journey to becoming an anti-racist school.  Building on our unconscious bias work, staff were given the opportunity to consider what being ‘anti-racist’ means; to revisit the impact of white privilege; to hear some student and staff about their thoughts on racism and how they must navigate the impact of racism in their lives and to consider the plans to move beyond surface level initiatives and how everyone might become involved in this journey.  As outlined in our response to the #BLM movement it was important to address how racism affects the lived experience of BAME people and how racism is systemic, and has been part of many foundational aspects of society throughout history, and can be manifested in both individual  attitudes and behaviours as well as formal (and "unspoken") policies and practices within institutions.  The final aspect that we addressed was how white people participate, often unknowingly, in racism.