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Cotham School

Apprenticeships and school leaver schemes

There are hundreds of apprenticeships available within 10 miles of Cotham School, including several at Higher or Degree level.  Find our what they are here is the UK's leading website showing the opportunities that exist outside of traditional university e.g. apprenticeships, sponsored degrees, diplomas, gap years, distance learning and jobs. Many large national and international employers advertise their opportunities on this site.


Here's an easy way to explore local apprenticeships and filter them by level:

You can explore them by sector here: is a good site for school leaver opportunities, including current apprenticeships and school leaver programmes, the latest school leaver job news, and advice to help you get where you want to go.


Amazing Apprenticeships parents' pack (April 2019) can be  accessed from here. accessed from here. This provides information about a number of current apprenticeship opportunities. is the UK's leading job resource for young people seeking apprenticeships.


Other Useful Information and Links


Which? University has a useful Guide to Higher & Degree Apprenticeships which can be downloaded from here:


TARGETcareers has created a new guide to help parents support their children in future career decisions, in particular, those wanting to explore apprenticeships in finance, business, engineering and IT.  It can be viewed here: Paths to Professional Careers – a Parent’s Guide