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Cotham School

Cultural Diversity Group

Cotham has had a Cultural Diversity Group running for a number of years. During that time the group has held several social events in school and in the community, to celebrate diversity.

The group has also benefited from training sessions which look specifically at how the school systems operates. Parents who are new to Britain or for whom English is not their first language found this particularly useful. The cultural diversity group has also been instrumental in highlighting the need for improved communication between school and home, specifically where language is a barrier.  Research evidence suggests that when parents are involved in their child’s education, student achievement improves.

Over time, we have established links with organisations in the community such as Full Circle and Woodlands Church. We have also signposted parents to English courses which were set up specifically for Cotham parents with limited English.

The aim of the group is to feed back to the School any issues, in order to affect positive change and create a more cohesive and representative voice. It is imperative that school reflects the diversity of its cohort. The purpose of the group is:

  • To encourage under-represented parents from diverse cultures to get involved in their children’s education.
  • To help parents understand the school’s systems so that they can better support their child’s education.
  • To celebrate cultural diversity

We would like to encourage anyone with an interest in diversity to come along. This is an open, informal group which meets 3 times per year. Sessions last no longer than 90 minutes.

Please contact Mrs Kelly on: 01179198050 or by email if you need any further advice or assistance.