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Cotham School

Examinations and Assessment

Assessment Calendars

At Cotham, we believe that effective exam preparation is the key to success. This includes encouraging students to plan ahead and manage their time effectively. In order to support you in preparing your child for upcoming assessments, we have created assessment calendars for all year groups to provide you with an overview of your child’s assessments for the coming year. Many of these assessments are hyperlinked to resources that will support your child in preparing for assessments.

In-Year Mock Examinations Preparation Booklets

All year groups will experience mock examinations at some point during the course of the academic year to consolidate their learning over time. Four weeks prior to in-year mock examinations all students and Parents will receive an examination preparation booklet. This provides key information about the structure and duration of assessments as well resources to support your child’s revision.

Mock examination preparation booklets will be posted here too during the course of the year:

Mock Examination Timetables

Students and Parents will receive a mock examination timetable within 4 weeks of their examinations and will be posted here too.