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Cotham School

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Exams and Assessments

Each year group partakes in one set of Formal Examinations each academic year.
Year 10 and Year 11 partake in mock examinations to help prepare them for their end of course examinations at the end of Year 11. In Year 11 students undertake two mock examinations. 
(Dates are subject to change)

KS3  (2022/23)

Year 7

Dates: 15th May 2023 to 26th May 2023

Year 8

Dates: 30th January 2023 to 10th February 2023

Year 9 

Dates: 13th March 2023 to 24th March 2023


KS4 (2022/23)

Year 10

Mock Exam Dates: 12th June 2023 to 23th June 2023 (2 weeks)

Year 11

Mock Exam 1 Dates: 31st October 2022  to 11th November 2022 (2 weeks)

Mock Exam 2 Dates: 9th January 2023 to 20th January 2023 (2 weeks)


How to Effective Preparing for Assessments

Based on the latest educational research we have put together a dedicated portal that explains the two most effective preparation strategies that students should be using in order to effectively prepare for their exams. This is all detailed in the portal linked below along with further information on how to use past paper exams to revise and how to look after your personal wellbeing during stressful examination periods. 

Preparing for Assessments Portal

Further information