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Cotham School

Gender Identity and LBGTQ+ Work

At Cotham we are committed to working with our students around gender identity, equality and LBGTQ+ representation.  We host a LBGTQ+ student group and work closely with Freedom, OTR in the delivery of assemblies and lessons that celebrate the contributions of LBGTQ+ people and seek to combat unhelpful stereotypes and misinformation.  We continue to work on LBGTQ+ representation in the curriculum and in artefacts and displays around the school.  We are also partnering with external organisations such as Zazi and Tiger who will be working with year 8 students around racial and gender inequality, identifying and combating unconscious bias and tailoring the sessions to the needs of the students.  Zazi have also been working with Year 10 and 11 boys around masculinity and the sessions use peer education, discussion and peer leadership to approach important topics such as sexuality, muscularity and the patriarchy.   Another external agency, NAOS have been working with some of our BAME boys in a therapeutic group, also exploring issues around masculinity and race.  We are very proud of our inclusion work around gender identity and we look forward to host more pilot schemes addressing these important issues and work to combat gender inequality and homophobia.